Wednesday, January 17, 2007

New Pictures

So the big debate and is "WHO DOES TATUM LOOK LIKE?" Well, I FINALLY uploaded a baby picture of me and you can compare if she looks like me or not. I have been asking for a baby pic of Antonio since about Sept and I have never gotten it, but here is mine with Tatum... That crazy hair of hers? Yep, she got that from her Momma. Also, notice that my hands are balled up in fists just like hers. She ALWAYS has her hands balled up like that. I am not sure if I did that when I was little too, but in this pic, I was doing it.

This next pic was taken a while back, but I wasn't sure if I posted it yet or not. She loves to sit up like a big girl.

Tatum got an Exersaucer for Christmas from her Grandmommy and Graddaddy. She likes it, but she is really too small for it, so I had to put a blanket all the way around her so she wouldn't fall into the toys.

Her feet also don't touch the bottom.

But she loves the toys on there.(especially the one that makes noises.)

We have also discovered that Tatum LOVES to be naked. We were changing her one day and decided to take some pics of her having fun.

As I said earlier, I went to someone's house to scrapbook this weekend and LOVED it. We all brought food and ate supper during one of our breaks. Anyway, Tobie wanted to take some chicken, so I went to KFC for her and picked it up. When we started eating we had an extra little surprise...Tobie found a feather still attached to one of the pieces of chicken. I know it is gross, but I thought it was SOOO funny too! See for yourself...

This next pic is for you guys, Kimberly, Adam, Adalie, Tobie, Tony, Brady P., Kaden, and all you other people from Arkansas. Antonio and I are NOT Arkansas fans. We are huge Memphis fans, but when I saw this onesie, I had to get it(It was $0.75). Anyway, here is a tribute to you guys!

A new lesson I learned today...Even though Tatum is happiest just after she eats, it is probably not a good idea to have a photo shoot with her right after she eats if she has to be on her tummy. At least I really captured the moment?

Look, Tatum really LOVES her shirt...

Just kidding, she didn't.

Below is one of Tatum's favorite things to do. She loves to stand up in my lap. If she is fussy and I pull her up a little bit, usually all will be better.

For some reason, I decided to see what she would do if I gave her ice today. She just licked it and slobbered.

After the photo shoot in her Arkansas shirt, she had a poopy diaper and I had to change her into her princess outfit. She was so worn out, she had to nap.

And when we get bored of taking pics of just Tatum, I take pics of both of us. Here is one.

Antonio finished the bar tops in the kitchen and they look awesome. I know I have told you guys how much we did to the kitchen, but I found some before pics to SHOW you everything that Antonio really did. I tried to match them up so the before pic and the after pic are the same area of the kitchen.

Look at my beautiful bar tops!!!

Well that is all my pics for now. Sorry I didn't post pics for a while. Hopefully this makes up for it a little bit.

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Kimberly said...

THe kitchen looks fantastic! WOW!
Tatum is a doll! I think she looks just like you did! I love that hair! I totally appreciate the Arkansas shirt! She is soooo cute in EVERYTHING! THanks for the pic update! I needed it so bad! I was crave'n some Tatum! SHe's soo sweet!