Monday, January 01, 2007

New Years Sleeping Beauty?

Last night we got to go to another couple's house to hang out with everyone for New Years Eve. I was a little nervous about taking Tatum with us because she has been pretty fussy this past week, but we had no choice but to take her if we wanted to get out, so off we went. We left the house about 8 and got to our desination around 9. We hung out and talked and she did wonderful. She got fed around 11:15 and that is usually goes to bed, but since we weren't home I just held her. She didn't go to sleep though. I guess she was afraid she was going to miss out on something. Anyway, midnight came and went and we were still there because Antonio was talking business with someone. I know he loves his job, but I was just ready to go home and go to bed. So, at 1am Tatum and I were ready and we had to drag Antonio out of the house. We got home around 1:45am and changed Tatum into her PJs and decided to go ahead and feed her again to "top her off". After eating she went straight to sleep. She woke up at 7 to eat and now it is 12 and she is STILL asleep(so is antonio), but I am shocked that she hasn't gotten hungry! I LOVE this!! I guess we wore her out last night! Anyway, here is a family pic that we took last night.


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Courtney C. said...

It was great spending time with you guys on New Year's Eve! Thanks for letting me practice with Tatum. I hope Alec and I are blessed with such a well behaved little angel. LOL!!! I love the family photo from that night too!! Talk to you soon!!!