Friday, December 19, 2008

Baby Boy Simpson NAME

Well, we have not OFFICIALLY announced the baby's name, but I think most people know and have known for a while that his first name will be MATEO. This is Matthew in Spanish. Matthew is my brother's first name, who is closest to me in age (we call my brother Matt). Matt and I have always been close growing up. I could go on and on about why, but I won't for now. I do hope that Tatum and Mateo are as close growing up together as me and Matt were.

Some people have asked what we will call Mateo. Well, we will call him Mateo. If we do decide to shorten it or whatnot then we will call him 'Teo'(so it will be Tatum and Teo), but we will NOT call him Matt because that is my brother.

Anyway, we do have a middle name, but we are still keeping it a secret for now. We want to make sure we are not going to change our minds or anything, but I am pretty sure it is set in stone. I even told the insurance lady at my dr's office the other day so she could do some paperwork for Mateo to get circumsized.

When I was searching online for help with middle names, I found something very interesting and wanted it to post it....

Spanish, "Spanish for Matthew"

Matthew is a lovely name, but as one of the perennial top five, it has become far too common to make much of a splash. This Spanish version, however, sounds even more lyrical and romantic, yet it's just as easy to pronounce and spell, making it one our top up-and-coming names for the next decade.

Variations Mattheo, Matheo, Matejo, Matteo
Nicknames Teo, Matt, Matty

It also shows a popularity ranking from 1 to 1000 on the site from the Social Security Administation. It says in 2000 Mateo ranks 811 in popularity, but it is predicted that Mateo will rank 325 by 2010.

here is the link since I couldn't get it to copy and paste right....

So there you have it....Baby Boy Simpson will be named Mateo.


JRH said...

i think that name is great! very different, and it reminds me of kelly ripa's husband. he played on all my children for years and his name on the show was "mateo." ahaha.

Melissa and Matt said...

I love the name! Can't wait to find out the middle leave me curious!

Jennifer said...

Now you need to change your Lilypie ticker. I'm ready to hang out with Mateo!