Tuesday, December 09, 2008

37 Week Update

I had my 37 week appointment yesterday and everything went well.

I am now 2 cm dialated and 50% effaced. Dr. B said baby is still sitting really high, but that is supposed to be common with the second baby?? She said that your 2nd baby will usually sit high until it's time to deliver. Not sure if she was just telling me this to make me feel better or if this is true, so if you have any experience with this and want to voice your opinion on this, please leave a comment cause I am interested in other's experience.

I gained 1/2 a pound too. That has me somewhere around 30 pounds total.

Dr. B and I discussed my induction date and she said that 12/29 is going to be VERY busy for her, so I told her if she wanted to do it earlier, I was all for it. SO, IF she is working on 12/26 (she was unsure of her schedule and the lady at checkout wouldn't let me know if she was scheduled to be off or not), then she will induce me on the 26th....if she is off then we will stick to the 29th. Either way, I only have 2 more appts and then my induction!

Baby name is still not definite, but we have been working on it. We are getting closer, but I don't know that we will have it fully decided until we get to the hospital.

That's it I guess. I am still feeling pretty well. I slept very good last night (10 hours) and only got up a few times to potty. Tatum is finally back in school today and I think she is just as happy as I am.


Amanda said...

The day before I got induced I was 2 cm and baby was really HIGH! The next morning when I got to the hospital, I was 4 cm and baby was no longer high. My doc said I would have gone on my own that day if he had not had induction scheduled. But I walked and shopped after my appointment the entire day - so I think that had something to do with it.

April S. said...

I did lots of walking and shopping last week/weekend and she said that helped me progress some....we went to the flea market twice, crafts fair twice, and to the mall once to see Santa. The treadmill might be getting some use this week!

Nicole said...

Caroline was HIGH until the day I went into labor...which was the same day I was scheduled to be induced. Even thought she was high, I felt like she was ready to come out for WEEKS!