Tuesday, December 23, 2008

39 Week Appt

Yesterday was my 39 week (and LAST) appt for this baby.

Dr. B was out of town, so I saw the NP. She said I am a good 2.5 cm dialated or a tight 3 cm. She also said I am 75% effaced. However, the baby is still sitting very high. This is how it went.

She measured me, listened to the heartbeat, and then went to check me....stopped and said "sorry, looks like I am going to be reaching for your throat" and then went back in...Needless to say he is VERY high, so it was a little uncomfortable, but at least it was the last time.

She and I were both a little concerned that I gained 4 LBS since last week. However, it WAS 17 degrees here yesterday and I weighed with my winter coat plus 4 other layers and shoes, but that still shouldn't be 4 LBS. I told her that as of Sunday, I couldn't wear my wedding rings anymore and I really felt like my hands, feet, and knees had started swelling. Oh well, I only have another week, and she didn't think my swelling was too much, so I got to leave.

She didn't say whether or not she thinks he will come before my induction date, but she did say he COULD come anyday now. I am thinking it will be Monday, I am actually hoping he waits til then so we can be pretty certain Dr. B will be the one delivering me.

I guess that's it. I need to take a last belly picture before I deliver. I will try to do that before the end of the week and post it.

That's it for now. I hope everyone has a great Christmas with family and friends.

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Jenny R. said...

I am so excited you are so close. Wish I could trade places with you!!! No, really, congratulations. I hope he waits on Dr. B too!!! She is definitely worth the wait!! Merry Christmas.