Monday, October 20, 2008

My Oh My, How Time FLIES!!!

Okay, this will be my last blog for the day. I was looking back over Tatum's last 2 Halloweens and thought I should share pictures.
This first picture is 2006. Tatum was 4 days old. I dressed her up and took pictures between trick or treaters.

Next is 2007. I THINK this is the picture we used for her birthday invitations last year.
And now 2008. Tatum is growing up so fast, but I can't believe she will be TWO in just a few days. And on a side note, YES I loved her sweater last year so much that I bought it in a bigger size for this year. lol

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Milton, Alesa and Addyson said...

It is amazing how they grow so fast! I hope Tatum's birthday is the best yet!!:) And to answer your question-No Auntie Mae did not just give birth. Jodi is Ben's mom. She didn't want to have her pic taken at the time, and who can blame her!!! But Megan does make me sick with how little she is(not really, but you know what I mean) and of course, she thinks she is fat!!! HAHA!!