Thursday, October 30, 2008

2 YR Checkup

Yesterday, Antonio and I took Tatum for her 2 yr check up. Normally, this would mean no shots, but she got her flu shot yesterday. Antonio got one too and I think he cried more than Tatum (Just kidding).

Here are Tatum's stats...

Weight: 31 pounds.....90th percentile....she feels like a ROCK when you pick her up.

Quick, funny story. When we were a Chick-fil-A for her birthday dinner, Antonio was playing on the playground with her. This lady was helping Tatum get to the next leel of the playground and when she lifted her up, you should have seen the expression on her face. She then turned to Antonio and said, "How much does she weight!?!?!?"

Height: 34.5 inches...75th percentile...

My sister said you are supposed to be able to double her height at 2 yrs and that is how tall she will be when she gets older. If that is correct, then she will be 5'9" when she grows up.

Tatum has had major drool issues lately, so I was pretty sure her 2 yr molars were coming in, or at least one of them. The dr checked and ALL 4 are already in! With all this teething, she has had a major runny nose which usually leads to other stuff with Tatum.

The dr. checked her ears and Tatum has DOUBLE ear infections AGAIN!!! SHe had a double ear infection about 3 weeks ago, and we aren't sure if she ever really got over them or not. When Antonio took her to the dr 3 weeks ago, the dr told him if she had one more ear infection, it would be time for tubes. Yesterday, she decided to give us "one more time" since she was sure the teething was the cause of this one. The dr. gave her some stronger medicine and we have started giving it to her.

Other Tatum news....

Tatum is transitioning into the 2 yr old room this week and will be in there officially this coming Monday. She LOVES being around all of the "grown up" kids. Her moving up also means that the teachers will start working with her to get potty trained. We are DEFINITELY not pushing this too quickly since we have the baby on the way, but the teacher assured me that it will take a while. So, no big girl panties just yet, but maybe in 6 months??? Teacher said maybe by Jan, but I think that is a little too soon unless she is really ready.

WHen she moves up into the 2 yr old room, she will also not be allowed to use a sippy cup anymore. Only a little Dixie cup with not lid. This worried me at first, but I picked her up early yesterday during snack time and she was doing GREAT! No spills or anything. Not sure if this will be the norm for us when we got to restaurants or anything, but we may try it.

Tatum is really getting into baby mode these days. She got a few baby dolls for her birthday and she carries them around with their little bottle and feeds them. She is NOT gentle at all with them, but it's a start, right? She will also point to my belly and say "baby" all the time. When she gives kisses to the baby, she lifts up my shirt and kisses my belly button. I am wondering if she thinks my belly button is the baby? Also, when we are out and see a baby, she always points and says "BABY!!!"

I think/hope/pray that as long as we still give her plenty of attention, she will transition pretty well. When we tell her to go to her room for bed or anything, she ALWAYS goes to her big girl room. I can't tell you the last time we have gone in the nursery with her. I try to change her and everything in her room.

She does like to be mommy's big helper, so I will have to be careful when she wants to help with the baby, but we will take it one day at a time.

I guess that's all for now. Tatum is at such a fun age and she is growing up so fast. I love that she can communicate back with us these days, sleeps through the night, takes her medicine without any problems, loves her school and her teachers, etc. She is REALLY into using her manners these days. I wish I could count the times that she says "THANK YOU!" everyday. If you give her something, she will say "Thank you!!!" until you say "You're Welcome!" She also says "Please", "LOVE YOU!", and "Bye" while blowing kisses. She is a bit independent, which is good most of the times, but sometimes it can cause a little bit of a struggle when in public. You momma's know what I am talking about, right?

Tatum is GREAT and Antonio and I are BLESSED to have such a wonderful daughter!

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Jenny R. said...

Just FYI on what we did with the cup issue with no lid... At snack time I would give her a little dixie cup with water and strip her down to her pullup and let her practice on her own. And at bedtime, we would brush our teeth and I would let her practice then too.

Tatum is growing so fast!!