Thursday, October 02, 2008

I was meaning to blog earlier this week, BUT.....

Tuesday night I got EXTREMELY sick! I don't know what I have or where I got it, but I SURE got it! I have been throwing up, running fever, running to the bathroom (if you know what I am talking about) and my body has been aching so bad!

It hit me Tuesday night about 5 and I started throwing up. All night I was up because my body was hurting so bad. I would take a hot bath about every 2-3 hours so that I could get out and sleep for about 30 minutes. I called my dr.'s office Wed morning and they couldn't get me in. I told ANtonio I was considering going to the ER but didn't know if they could do much for me. Of course, I did not work yesterday and Antonio stayed home with me just in case I could get into the dr last minute(that didn't happen). I don't think I am dehydrated and I called Labor and Delivery at my hospital last night to see if they thought I should come in and the lady told me that if I could keep down a sprite or gatorade then there probably wasn't much more they would do if I didn't need fluids.

I am feeling a little better today, but my back is still hurting and I am still running a little fever. My main concern is that I have lost 8 pounds since Tuesday morning!! I have only managed to eat 4 Eggo waffles, a banana, a little gatorade, and a little sprite since Tuesday night.

So anyway, I am hoping to be back up and going by tomorrow so I can go to work. I promise to blog with lots of picures soon too!

Please pray that Antonio and Tatum don't catch whatever I have, that would NOT be good!


JRH said...

oh gosh! i am so sorry you are sick...but this sounds exactly like what i had 2 sundays ago. i started throwing up about midnight, and threw up all night. plus i had other issues with my stomach (if you know what i mean) at the same time! those issues carried over into the next day...along with my chills/body aches/fever! so, i know what you are going through...i am sooo sorry!!! hope you feel better soon!:(

Shell said...

Hey girl!! There is a stomach virus going around and the doctors said it can last up to 14 days. Kayla gave it to me and everyone in our family and daycare. She did not have anything like we all had, none of us even knew she was sick. We thought she was having a reaction to a new food we gave her. She never ran fever or even acted sick. But we all got it!! My dad was sick for 10 days!!! Drink lots of fluid and get lots of rest. Try to eat if you can for the little bambino. I am thinking about you!!!

Jenny R. said...

I hope you are feeling better. Call me if you need anything from me.

Kimberly said...

OMG! I am just now reading this and feel awful for you! HOpefully you are feeling lots better by now. Sounded awful!
BTW-the top pics of Tatum are precious! I LOVE her dress and tights!!!!!!!!