Monday, October 20, 2008

Heartburn Help

So, I THINK I may be having heartburn these days, but I don't really know what heartburn feels like.

I know that I am nauseated again these days, and i had pizza for lunch which I know is a trigger for heartburn IF you normally have heartburn. I also was nauseated after I ate last night, and eventually got sick and felt better immediately. I sent Antonio to Walgreens tonight to get some Rolaids to see if they help, so we will see.

Or maybe I am having indigestion? I don't know. It's not killing me, but it is uncomfortable.

In the mean time....would anyone care to describe how heartburn or indigestion feels to them?


Jennifer C said...

It kinda feels like burning in the chest area....but sometimes my stomach area hurt, too. It wasn't bad when I was pregnant w/ Jacob, but really BAD w/ Julia. I ate Tums after almost every meal. We went through a huge bottle of the fruit flavored ones,and I had to carry a travel size in my purse. I'd never feel like eating anything when it happened, but I'd just put it in my mouth and let it melt till I could stand to chew it.....I knew it would make my stomach feel better so I'd try and get it down. I never get heartburn anymore, but the thought of eating a tums makes me gross out now! Good luck, April!!! Hope this helps!

danny said...

Tums worked wonders for me. For me, it felt like a burp I couldn't get out.


Jenny R. said...

Well, you are talking to the QUEEN of heartburn!!! Pregnant or not, I have it and have it ALL of the time!!! Go and get Maalox Max or Maximum Strength (chewable). The taste is nasty at first but it doesn't bother me at all anymore. These have anti-gas in them which is partly the reason for heartburn!!!

Just take them, pass gas and feel better!!!

Hey, I should send that to them for a new slogan!!!

Hope you feel better.