Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Not So Fun Night

Sorry to announce that this blog really has nothing to do with Tatum, but hopefully I won't bore you to death talking about myself.

So, last night was not such a fun night at my house. Antonio and I got home from work, played with Tatum, fed her, put her to bed, we ate supper, all was well. Then we went to bed around 10ish. Good night? No. I slept probably about 30 minutes to an hour and woke up to find that I am sweating and feeling not so great. I figured I would turn the fan on in our room and roll over and go back to sleep, but after laying there for a few minutes, I quickly realized that I was wide awake. So here I am, laying in bed at about 11pm'ish wide awake. What am I supposed to do now?? I layed there, and layed there, and layed there, and layed there(this was only interrupted by ocassional trips to the bathroom). Finally, I got up about 12 and went to the living room to take care of some things because as I was laying there, I just could not turn off my brain. I kept thinking of work stuff, house things, yard sale tasks, family things, Tatum things, etc. My poor brain wouldn't stop going and I didn't feel too great either. There were so many things I could think of that I needed to do in the following days to come so I thought if I got up and did a few and wrote down the rest, my brain would say it was okay to go to sleep. Well, about 15 minutes after I got up, Antonio got up and joined me because he couldn't sleep either. Long story short, I just didn't feel well and ended up staying up until about 7:30am and Antonio went to bed around 5am. We spent much of the night him on one couch, me on the other, looking at each other and trying to figure out what is wrong with us that we both can't sleep. I am hoping maybe what we ate for supper made us not feel well and interrupted our sleep because I don't know if I can do another night like last night. I took a sick day today, but Antonio had to go in to take care of some time sensitive things. I did go to sleep after I got Tatum up and ready for daycare and Antonio took her to school, but I only slept for 2 hours so I still feel out of it. Maybe I will go try to sleep some more.

I know what some of you are thinking....I should just read this blog over and over and it should bore me into a fast sleep! Sorry for the long boring blog with no pictures.

Until next time....

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Amanda said...

I've should have sent Jax over to the Simpson house since you guys were up! He hasn't slept very good the past 3 nights. I'm quite sure it must be more teeth coming in!!