Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A/C Update

I guess I should update that Antonio managed to fix our air conditioner late Monday afternoon and managed to only spend $17. He amazes me because he can figure out anything if you give him long enough. And he actually LIKES to do stuff like that. I know, he is weird....just kidding.

So, we are back to living in comfort.

Tatum still has a pretty bad cough and every morning she has gook in her eyes, so it may be time to go see the dr. She still plays well and sleeps well at least. She even woke up a little early today (around 7am) and she played with her leap frog in bed for at least 15 minutes.

Well, I must run. Our furniture is coming tonight between 6:30-8:30, so I will post pictures later.

1 comment:

Buck Rogers said...

I wish I was a handy man like your man. That's awesome about the garage sale and the ac all in one week.