Monday, August 27, 2007


Tatum is 10 months old today!!!! My baby, my little girl, my tiny baby, is not so little and tiny anymore! She is growing up. I don't know if I am okay with this, but it looks like I have no choice.

Tatum's favorite things that she is doing these days include...

-playing with anything but her toys (water bottles, coasters, keys, cell phone, remote controls, hair brush, etc.)
-We have mastered saying "Da Da", "Mmmmm", "Bye Bye", but the more we say "MaMa" to her she happily says "Da Da" in response. She has said "Ma Ma" 2 times in my presence, but that is it so far. (Antonio thinks that she thinks I am "DADA" because she looks at me when she says it, but I don't think she relates it at all. Who knows.)
-She is getting around the house everywhere! She crawls SO FAST.
-Tatum cruises along the couch all of the time.(Back and forth between Antonio and me)
-She lights up when she sees me walk in her room at daycare. I LOVE IT!!! (I can remember Tobie telling me that her little boy Kaiden did this and it just made her day! I always secretly longed for that day and now I know exactly how she feels!!)
-Tatum also LOVES her JEEP walker that Brandy got for her. She gets around the house pretty fast and can follow us where ever we go. I think she loves the freedom and we love that it is pretty restrictive so we can trust that she can't get into too much.
-Tatum has had a few "boo-boos" to date. Several are from seeing me walking into her room at daycare and she tries to crawl REALLY FAST over to me and falls because her arms don't move fast enough. She also did a dive in the toy box at church Sunday and got a little scratch. The worst part was that they said she was more upset that they pulled her out of the toy box because she hadn't gotten her toy yet. "That's my girl!!"
-Tatum experienced her FIRST slumber party this past weekend!! I will blog more about this weekend when I get some pictures emailed to me from a few people.

On a sad note, we found out today at daycare that Tatum's best friend, Riley, in her class is moving to Houston at the end of October. I know it is weird to say they are best friends, but they really are. When Tatum gets to school Riley just lights up and they smile at one another. Then I can put Tatum down and she crawls right over to Riley. Just today, I put Tatum down and she literally crawled over to Riley and turned around and sat in Riley's lap. Riley smiled and looked at me. It was so cute and I was mad I didn't have my camera with me. Anyway, she will be missed.

Tatum and Riley are now the oldest people in their class. The cribs are set up around the room in age order and it seems like just yesterday Tatum was at the other end of the room because she was the NEW, YOUNG baby! man oh man!!!

Well, I guess I need to start planning that FIRST birthday party!! We are not sure what we will be doing yet. We know family will be included, of course, but aren't sure after that. There are just so many people and not much room at our house.

Pictures to come later this week......

Until next time....

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Mom said...

I am glad to see you are blogging again. I was really getting worried about you--no up-dates or pictures--I knew things must really be getting busy for you. It is hard to believe that Tatum is already 10 months old--it really does seem like yesterday when we were impatiently waiting for her arrival. Make sure that you enjoy every moment with Tatum--someday soon she will be grown-up, just like you. Give her a big hug and lots of kisses from grandmother and grand-daddy.
Love, Mom