Thursday, August 09, 2007

Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!

First, here is a picture of our new furniture in our house. It FINALLY got delivered last night at 10:30pm. At least the delivery guys called to let us know they were running way behind. It seems a little bigger than in the store and we are debating whether or not we need to rearrange it, but here it is.

Next, here are pictures of my car that is for sale. If anyone knows anyone that wants a GREAT deal on a GREAT car that does GREAT on gas, let me know!! We only want what we owe on it(which is less than it is worth). It is not being driven and the only reason we are selling it is because I got a new job that came with a new (FREE) car.

Now on to more important things.....TATUM....She loves to read like any other baby, but she doesn't always read baby books like she should. When I was doing something the other night, I walked in the living room to find her doing this...

...that's right, Tatum likes to read Glamour Magazine.
When she realized that I was watching her, she gave me this face.

...and then she went back to reading.
Finally, here are some pictures from her 9 month well check up at her pediatrician's office. She had to get undressed to get weighed.

As you can tell, she sure loved that baby in the mirror! Hopefully, the staff is used to cleaning the mirrors in all of the rooms, because we sure got it dirty. It was fun though.


Milton, Alesa and Addyson said...

LOVE the furniture!! Tatum is just too cute!

MOM said...

I like the furniture, but I REALLY like the baby in the mirror!!!

Corinne said...

How cute. Love how she's kissing the baby in the mirror. Don't you just love those wet kisses.

Kimberly said...

Oh Tatum you are soo cute! I love your new furniture! How does Tatum like it? I love her bow and that she has good taste in literature!

Amanda said...

The furniture looks great!! The kisses are precious . . . I love that she can't resist kissing herself.