Friday, August 17, 2007

It's About Time....

If you have never seen my house, then you will probably be bored by the first part of this blog. But if you have seen my house you know how little decorating skills I have. Well, last week, I got motivated and with the help of Stephanie (A TRUE BLESSING!!) and she helped me decorate on a budget. This fist picture is in our entrance room. We bought the wall candle holder and I had the other table already and we just moved it in this room.

All of this is new in the next two pictures. This is in our entrance room too.

This hope chest was in the entrance room, but we moved it in the living room. The basket and the stuff in the basket is new and the rug.

This picture is over our desk area. I have had this picture for 2 years, but never hung it up because I wasn't sure where to hang it.
This picture is in our dining room. I have had this picture for 2 years, but it was never on the wall.
This clock(yes it is a clock) is in our living room, in the corner above an end table and beside a couch. It is new too.
This picture is in the entrance room too. I have had this picture for MANY years. Matt, my brother, gave it to me.
Not only did we rearrange some things in the house, we also did a MAJOR cleaning of the house. It has NEVER been so clean and organized and there was no one cleaning other than Antonio and myself.
New things purchased but not pictured are an area rug in the entrance room. It is exactly like the one in front of the hope chest except it is bigger and we also bought new bathroom mats. The total cost for all of our new decorations was less than $200, but if you come visit you will see the major changes that it made.
Next is a picture of Tatum with her Daddy-O before church Sunday. We like having reasons to get all dressed up!!
These last pictures were taken last night. I was watching CNN because I am facinated by the miners situation in Utah and Tatum wanted to get a better look....
Then she realized I was looking at her and laughing.
Daddy-O didn't get home until almost 7pm so I got to give her a bath last night. We played in the bath for about 30 minutes and then got out, got dressed, and played in the floor. Tatum usually gets her last bottle around 7:30 and then plays until 8ish and then goes to bed. However, I guess I wore her out because at 7:15 this is what she looked like...

Needless to say, I had to wake her up to feed her, but she never opened her eyes when she ate. I know I say this all the time, but I just LOVE this age!! She is so much fun. Probably the thing that puts me at ease is that I feel like we really KNOW her now. I know that sounds weird, but Antonio and I know what she does when she is tired, hungry, needs a diaper change, etc. Just knowing how to help her when she needs something is very nice because she still can't talk and tell us yet.
Have a great weekend!!


Kimberly said...

Your place looks great! ALthough I think I need to see it in person (just an excuse to come visit Tatum)!
Hope those little Tatum fingers don't rearange your new decor anytime soon!
She is such a good baby!!!!

Jessica said...

The new decor looks amazing. Good luck keeping Tatum from trying to redecorate!!