Saturday, December 04, 2010

St. Jude Marathon Hero

Antonio decided several months ago that he wanted to run the St. Jude 1/2 Marathon.  When he went to sign up, it was sold out.  So then he decided he would run the full marathon, but it was sold out too.  The only way he could sign up for the race was to sign up as a St. Jude Hero and run the marathon, so that's what he did.  Now, being a St. Jude Hero means you are committing to raise $500 for St. Jude. 

Antonio did lots of training and was ready for the race.  I was so glad to have Antonio's sister there with me to help cheer everyone on while they ran.
This panda bear from the Memphis Zoo even showed up with music to cheer for the runners.
We sat between mile 7 and 8, which meant when Antonio turned around it would be between mile 21 and 22.  When he passed us the first time, he looked great and dropped off his sunglasses with us.

My sister also did the St. Jude 1/2 Marathon and she did great as well.  When she saw us, she had to lose some of her layers because the day was warmer than we thought it would be.

Gabby and Tatum were also there and cheered for the runners too.  However, they got tired about half way through the race and decided to rest a little.

When Antonio passed us the second time, he wasn't looking as fresh as the first time (but what normal person would after running 21 miles, right?)
After the 2nd time seeing Antonio, Tatum and I headed to the Redbird's Stadium to see Antonio cross the finishline.  When we were walking in, we ran into Pouncer, so we had to get Tatum's picture with him.
Here is Antonio crossing the finishline!  He made it!  All 26.2 miles!!! 

Tatum and I were both so proud of Antonio!  Here is Tatum with her Daddy.

We are all so proud of Antonio for running the St. Jude Marathon and being a St. Jude Hero!  He ended up raising $823, well over his $500 goal.  

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