Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day 2010 - Part 3

If you are keeping up with me still, after Antonio's parents' house, we then go to my grandmother's house for Christmas dinner.  Can I tell you, this is my FAVORITE MEAL OF THE YEAR!!!!

She always makes breakfast and it is so good!!

And this is why it is my favorite meal of the YEAR!!....
...yep, CHOCOLATE GRAVY!!  I will just go ahead and tell on myself, I made 4 (yes, FOUR) trips to get biscuits with chocolate gravy.  I should feel bad, but I don't. haha
Mya, Mckayla, and Laurie

Tatum helped pass out the gifts to everyone.  Here she is giving my grandmother 'Gran' and her friend James a present.
Tatum has loved VeggieTales since her 1st birthday and she still loves them.  Look at her expression when she got a VeggieTales movie that we don't already

Here are the four of us again.  Clif, Laurie, me, and Matt
and we were trying to get us with our spouses for a picture, but it was a little crowded and Mateo was wanting his mommy too.
After we finished at my grandmother's house, we got a hotel room in Jackson since there wasn't enough room at my parents' house for all of us.  My sister and her family did the same.  My brothers, sister, all the spouses, and us all hung out playing cards very late before heading to bed.  Tatum, Mateo, and I all stayed up until midnight, but I finally had to take them down to the room and we all went to bed while the rest of the group stayed up a little later.  It was a great night 'like old times'.

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