Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas 2010 - Part 1

Here are some random pictures from Christmas this year.

This first picture is our Elf, Anderson.  Tatum named him last year and we have no idea where she got the name, but I like it.

We really talked alot with Tatum and Mateo about being good this year because Anderson goes to see Santa every night to tell him if they have been good or bad.  (Remember this because it will come into play in a later blog post.)

I found a christmas tree last year that is for displaying Christmas cards.  I loved using it this year.  It was fun adding to it everyday, but it got full fast!  I need to find another one of these or either find another way to display the rest of our Christmas cards when I run out of room.
One night after church, we headed out to look at Christmas lights.  Tatum was allowed to sit in Daddy's lap when we would stop so she could see them.  Mateo was fine in his seat in the back.

On our way to one house, we passed a church that had a live nativity every night, so we stopped by.  It was very neat and Tatum enjoyed telling us who everyone was and why they were important.  She is growing so fast and is so smart!(yes, of course, i am biased)
The week before Christmas, we went to see Gabby sing in her church musical.  Here are Caiden and Tatum waiting for Gabby's group to sing.

Gabby and Tatum after Gabby got to sing.  She did such a great job!
We decided to take pictures of all 4 of the kids since they were all dressed up in their Christmas outfits.

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