Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Mateo!

I know I haven't posted any Christmas updates (or Thanksgiving for that matter), but I wanted to be sure to post a quick blog on Mateo's actual birthday.

This little man makes me smile daily!

You are one 'cool dude' Mateo, and all the teenagers at church just love you!!  Your teachers at school also always tell me how easy going, loving, and funny you are.  Honestly, I can't blame them though. ;)  You have the best personality and just go with the flow 99% of the time.  You and Tatum still play so well together which makes life for Daddy and I much easier!  While you are talking more and more, you still aren't much of a talker (or should I say you can't really get a word in when Tatum is around). 

Other things about you right now...
*You LOVE your pacifier.  I know, I's time to take it away.  We did take it away back in August and you did fine...until you had 4 teeth coming in at the same time and Mommy folded.  Now, I don't think it is going to be an easy task at all this time.  You are sick right now too, so although I said TODAY is THE DAY to take it away, I might not be able to do it.  You have turned Mommy into a softy!

*You are wearing 18-24 month clothing finally.

*You are in a 5-6 size shoe depending on brand.

*You wear a size 4 diaper.

*You have had more haircuts than I can remember.  They started off as an easy task and then you decided that you didn't like them at all and I dreaded taking you every time.  However, Daddy and I took you last week and you were great!  Not a single tear, so I am praying we have rounded a new corner and we won't go back.

*In the past, 3 things that really made you cry like nothing I have ever seen: a haircut, cutting your nails, and doctors appts.  Now that the haircut has gone well recently, I am holding out hope that Monday's 2 yr checkup will go well.

*You love one's shoes are safe.  If you see an empty pair hanging around, you will strip your shoes off and put on the abandoned ones.  While this is okay, it also makes finding shoes hard at times.  I have to remember this about you and not get upset (with Tatum) when I can't find her shoes in the morning.

*You also love baby dolls.  While this might concern some parents, I know you see Tatum loving on her babies and you are just copying her.  You also copy Tatum walking around in her princess shoes.

*You don't like to be left out.  Tatum is in a makeup phase.  She always asks me to put makeup on her in the mornings and I will put some powder on her(or pretend to at least) if we are headed to church.  You now stand in line behind her wanting some too....or hairspray for your hair.  The hairspray might be because you like the mohawk look(and I use a little hairspray to make it happen) on you as much as I do or you see me spraying Tatum's hair sometimes...I'm not completely sure on that one.

Mateo, I can remember being pregnant with you and wondering how I would ever love another child as much as I love Tatum.  Well, I can't imagine NOT loving you as much as I the saying goes, :You had me at hello."  Well, except for the fact that I would say, "You had me with your first cry!"

(2 yr stats will be posted Monday-if we can get accurate stats)

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