Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve - 2010

I must admit that I was really looking forward to Christmas time this year because all of my siblings and our families were going to be in town together, which is rare since we are spread out in different states and all married now.

We always travel to Jackson, TN Christmas Eve to get together with my mom's side of the family.  This isn't the best pic of the 4 of us, but here are my 2 brothers and sister.  Clif, Laurie, me, and Matt.  

After we eat, we do lots of singing.  Tatum loved this part this year.  She is always singing and really wanted to do a solo this year, but never got a chance to.
Two of my cousins were singing and Mateo stood and watched them the whole time. 
He also decided that my mom needed some help playing the piano. 
During our night, each generation gets up and sings as a group.  Here are Tatum, Mya, and Mckayla.

This is my generation next....
...and my mom's generation
...and finally my grandmother's generation.
I can remember going to Christmas Eve every year since I was a baby (well, I don't remember it as a baby, but we were there).  My great-great grandmother and great grandmother were there many years that I remember before they passed.  This is the only time we see most of this side of the family since many live in different states, so we always do our best to make the trip there.  As soon as it is over, we drive back to Memphis so that we can be home on Christmas morning.

These last pics are out of order.  Antonio and I took Mateo to get a haircut the week before Christmas and for the first time in a LONG time, he did great and didn't shed a single tear.  When he got home, I let him open a present that my friend Amy had given him since he was so good.

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