Monday, November 08, 2010

Tatum's Four Year Checkup

Tatum is now officially four and I am still not believing it!!  I think we celebrated her birthday for a whole week and we all had lots of fun doing it!!

I asked Tatum what she wanted for her birthday dinner and she said speghetti, so she made life very easy for me.  Here she is with her dinner...

Speghetti is one of Mateo's favorite meals too.  He gets so impatient when he sees his plate, so that is why he is giving me a look below.  He was waiting for Tatum to say the blessing for us.

After bathtime, we had cake.  Tatum LOVED to have us sing to her.

Tatum wanted to take cupcakes to school for her friends, so I made red and blue "Ariel" cupcakes and just made a little cake for us from the leftover cake mix.
Ahem, we also took Gibson's Donuts to school and had ONE leftover and Tatum asked to have that instead of cake....really?

Aunt Jennifer and Uncle Clif sent Tatum's present in the mail and also sent a Madagascar card that would sing "I like to move it, move it" when it opened.  Of course, this was a hit with Tatum and Mateo.

Tatum made us hold it for her so she could dance.
She got these two movies from them as well.  I LOVE these movies and Tatum LOVES music and singing, so she loves these movies too.

I took Tatum to her 4 yr check up at the dr's office last week.  She loves to go to the doctor and has always been great when we go, so she was looking forward to our special outing.  They checked her hearing and eyesight and she passed both of those tests.

She weighs 39 pounds (78th percentile) and is 42 inches tall (90th percentile).  Not sure I put this in an earlier post, but she is mostly wearing 5s, but still has a few 4s in her closet too.

Finally, here is what Mateo likes to do....wear mommy's shoes.  He had also taken his pants off while playing and we hadn't put them back on yet...

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