Monday, November 22, 2010

30 Days of Truth: Day 11 → Something people seem to compliment you the most on.

Compliments...hmm.  Well in the past, I got compliments on my physical self.  Hey, don't laugh, I was kinda cute back in the day...ya know, before kids and all.  Don't worry, I got a few other compliments too.

Now compliments now include my great sense of humor, honesty, and dependability, great driving skills, etc.

BUT, my #1 compliment that I hear WEEKLY would have to be on THESE...

And while I might miss my 'high school skinny' body I wouldn't trade these two for the WORLD!  Also, while I might not be the best parent, have the best parenting skills, etc.  I DO think that Antonio and I make some great looking kids. (ifidosaysomyself).   Sometimes I feel like I am 10 yrs old and playing dress up with my dolls....except my 'dolls' are my kids now.  Am I the only one that likes to dress my kids up cute from time to time?  Mateo looked precious yesterday at church...he was sporting a mohawk AND a tie!  I know my style and the way I dress my kids doesn't fit everyone else's taste, but Antonio and I agree on what the kids wear.  Mateo has never, nor will he ever wear smocked anything or any other boy we may or may not have.  We have a few other 'rules' when it comes to dressing the kids, but I will have to do another post on that.  So, if I can get my hands on the picture that our KidsLife director tookyesterday of Mateo, i will post it.  Anyway, that's all I have.

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