Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Christmas Planning 2010

Several people have asked me the last few weeks of ways I am cutting back the amount of money we are spending for Christmas this year, so I thought I would blog about few things.

1. I started really trying to use coupons.  This means that I have to actually make out a menu and grocery list for the week.  While this make take a little extra time, it is nice to not have to figure out dinner ideas at the last minute.  Anyway, once my list is made, I search for coupons.  I also try to make my menu around what is on sale at the grocery store.

2. We rarely eat out anymore...maybe once a week and that is nothing fancy.  I went back to August 2009 to look at our online checking account and it literally made me sick to look at all the money we spent wasted eating out.  WOW!

3.  So those are 2 ways we are saving a little money, but I also have plans to make several of the Christmas gifts that are given this year.  Thanks to some great bloggers out there, I have so many things I can make.  I would post about them here, but can't because some of my readers will be getting these presents in a few weeks.  Don't worry, I promise not to give out any of these house shoes this year!

4.  Finally, I found a website where you can do surveys on your own time and get paid to do them.  I have read about these things in the past, but just didn't trust that they were real.  However, I tried this one out because a close friend told me about it and while I'm definitely  not getting rich off of the surveys, I have made $117 since mid-July.  Around here, every $1 counts, so I am excited that I earned this money by just doing a survery or 2 while watching tv late at night after the kids are in bed.  When you want to get 'paid' you just request a check.  The website says to allow 3-4 weeks to get the check in the mail, but I usually get it in 3-4 days!  Anyway, you can go HERE to check it out and sign up for FREE.  I promise there is no catch!  They send emails of available surveys and you do them if you want, and if you don't have time, then don't do it.

Are you planning to cut back this Christmas?  If so, I would love to know how you are doing it!


Kristi said...

could you please tell me whats in the picture with the monkey. they look like pads, haha

April S. said...

Kristi-lol...that's exactly what it is. i found this picture online, but my mother-in-law gave these away as a gag gift one year and I know my face turned 10 shades of red!