Wednesday, November 17, 2010

30 Days of Truth: Day 10 → Someone you need to let go.

Can you tell, faithful blog followers(yes, both of you), that I have been putting off doing this day?  It is something that I know needs to be put out in the open, but 'saying' it (aka typing it) is still just SO HARD!!

I am in love with a man that I need to let go.  There, I said it!

My husband knows this man, but I don't think he realizes the connection that has developed over the past few years. 

I am often seen with this other man in person, but I don't think people really know that we are more than friends. 

Maybe I am just in denial, maybe everyone can see right through us, I don't know. 

He is one of the first thoughts on my mind in the morning, and one of my last thoughts before I go to bed.

I guess since I have told this much, I might as well tell you who this other man is....I mean, this is all about telling the truth, being 100% honest....sigh...this is HARD!

Surely you know that there isn't REALLY another man, right?  But I DO need to give up the Diet Dr. Pepper!!  This is what our extra fridge looks like...

This picture was actually taken a couple of months ago, but it looks about the same today.  Last year, I cut it back to 1 can of "DDP" a day, but I am up to a few more than that now...(sorry challenge girls).

The funny thing is that I used to love Dr. Pepper and only started drinking DIET Dr. Pepper because I didn't like the taste of it, so that was my way of getting myself to not drink soda so much.  Well, needless to say that didn't work and I fell in love with DIET Dr. Pepper. 

So there you have it.  I will be doing a LATE Halloween post tonight or tomorrow because I just realized I never put cute costume photos up.


Precious Moments said...

Girl I was freaking out reading that post--haha!!!! Even though I am the beast, I am SUPER happy it is DP and not a real other man!!! YOu are better than me since you do diet--that is my flaw too :) Miss ya

Nicole said...

I was a little nervous reading the beginning of the post! LOL This was a great blog!! Loved it! You crack me up!

Jen said...

I feel your pain. I have the same addiction! I figure it could be worse. :)