Monday, November 22, 2010

50 FREE Holiday Cards from Shutterfly

I saw this awesome deal on someone else's blog and wanted to share this great find with you too!  Since Tatum was born, I have tried to do my best to send out Christmas cards and even try to include pictures.  She is 4 now and I think 3 years I got them out at the last minute, and 1 year they didn't go out at all.  Thanks to Shutterfly, I have a great chance to get them out on time this year. 

Shutterfly has some very cute cards and I just need to narrow down which one is 'THE ONE' for this year.

THIS one is super cute and I can put lots of pictures on the card.  It is very hard for us to get a great picture of Tatum and Mateo together and we won't even attempt the whole family, so this card would allow several cute pictures on one card.

When we get Christmas cards in the mail, it just makes my day.  I love to see growing families and sometimes people even write a little about big events that happened throughout the year.  THIS next card would be perfect for me to write a little about our year and still include pictures too.

However, I think THIS next card would be even better for me since I can just list the top 10 things for 2010 and put our pictures at the bottom.  

And I sure hold out hope that one day, yes one day, we will be able to capture that perfect family photo.  When we do, I will be sending out THIS card!!

The selection at Shutterfly is so impressive.  I have no doubt that everyone can find the perfect card to send out this year!  If you are a blogger, go HERE for your chance to get 50 free holiday cards too!

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