Sunday, October 17, 2010

Weekend Fun

We had a great, low-key weekend.  We spent Friday night at home playing outside and enjoying the nice weather and Antonio and I watched Memphis Madness later in the night.  I am so excited for Memphis Basketball to begin!!

Saturday morning, Antonio went for a 20 mile run(He is training for the St. Jude FULL Marathon in Dec.) while the kids and I slept in a little.  After he got home, we headed to the University of Memphis football game Saturday.  The weather was beautiful, but our team didn't do so well.

The game started at 11am, so I was a little worried how the kids would do because their lunchtime is 11:30 with naptime following immediately.

I packed plenty of snacks to keep the kids busy for a while and that worked....for a while...

I was trying so hard to get a great picture of Tatum and Mateo together, but they just weren't working with me.  Tatum finally tried to help me by turning Mateo's head to try to get him to look at me.
The kids finally realized there was lots of action happening ON the field, so they finally turned around a few minutes to watch the game.
But Mateo didn't last very long.  He stayed turned around checking out all the people sitting in the stands.  He is a people watcher for sure!
We enjoyed great seats, very close to the field and Tatum really wanted Pouncer to come see her, but I tried to explain that he wouldn't be able to come over because were were sitting behind the visitors team. 
Mateo also enjoyed dropping his sippy cup and waiting to see if it would roll to him under the seat.
Since I marched in the band in college, I really wanted to see the band and wanted the kids to watch.  In the picture below, it looks like Mateo is really trying to watch the band, but he is really trying to get those empty ice cream containers that someone left behind.

Mateo LOVES people and loves getting people's attention (especially girls-young and old).  There was a Southern Miss family sitting very close to us and their 2 daughters were standing against the wall to get a picture and Mateo just walked over to them like he was supposed to be in the picture.  I went to move him and the mom told me not to because he was too cute and she wanted him in the picture. :)  Of course, I think he is the cutest little guy ever, but it made me smile to think she agreed!

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Jessica said...

Cute pictures! I am 98% sure I saw you and Mateo on the jumbo tron at one point...maybe during the kiss cam. It wasn't for very long, but I think it was you. We made it to just after half time...being too hot + a bad game = let's go home early!!