Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Tatum!!

At 12:45am this morning, Tatum officially turned FOUR!!

The first thing I said to Tatum this morning was "Happy Birthday Tatum!"

She reacted with "Yay, I'm FOUR!"

Here are just a few pictures of Tatum through the years...

Here she is just hours after birth in 2006.  These are two of my favorites....

And 2007, I loved her outfit and her little pigtails.  She was overwhelmed with all of the pumpkins, so we had to take a few little ones home.

In 2008, Tatum turned two.  We took some quick pictures outside before school.  She was doing her best to hold up two fingers for me.  Also, take note that Amigo bear is with her in this picture.  She got him as a gift for her 1st birthday and he is still around in 2010.
This is also a picture from 2008.  I took this picture at Tatum's birthday party.  I LOVED that sweater she is wearing and thought it was the perfect little birthday party outfit.
Tatum turned 3 in 2009 and I thought she was so grown up then.  She started playing soccer with the YMCA and while it was a great idea at the time, Antonio and I quickly realized that maybe we needed to wait a few more years.  She did learn some great fundamentals of the game that year.  We are hoping she will love soccer for years to come.

Now in 2010, Tatum is FOUR!!  I don't know where time is going, but wherever it is is going too fast!  Tatum has gotten so tall and thin over the past year. 
Here are some things I don't want to forget about you right now...
*You are so sassy and strong-willed.  You sure keep us on our toes as well as keep us laughing. 
*The stories you tell us are funny, shocking, random, and we look forward to them every day.
*You have the sweetest, loving personality.  You love nothing more than cuddling up with mommy or daddy on the couch, asking if you can play with our hair or scratch our back, give big hugs and kisses and we can't leave out the nose kisses either.

*You are a great sleeper, but wake up at 6:15 each morning.  We would love it if you would sleep in, but as long as you don't wake up any earlier, we will make it.
*You LOVE Mateo and you two play together so well!  You don't mind sharing any and all toys.  You love to let Mateo come in your room and play too.  I worried about how the transition of you no longer being the only child would go, but you have done great!  Mateo is blessed to have such an amazing big sister!
*You have become more of a picky eater over the years.  Your favorites are pizza, speghetti, and chicken and 'dip dip' with french fries.  (I promise we rarely eat out, but these are things you ask for when we ask what you want to eat.)
*You love TV and watch way too much of it when we allow it. 
*You are the smartest thing and constantly surprise your daddy and myself with what you learn at school.  We just learned this week that you can say the Pledge of Allegiance.  (I am trying to get this on video)
*Despite my early predictions from when you were much younger, you are quiet the 'girly girl'.  You ask daily to wear a 'princess dress', love to play dress up, love to have your nails painted, and you ask for makeup and 'smell good stuff' daily. 
*You say our blessing for the family before each meal.  I love to hear your bedtime prayers because they are so sweet and kind.  We often hear you when you are alone in your room or in the bathroom just talking to God.  It makes us all smile to know that you know God is always there to listen to you when you need him or just want to talk.
*You LOVE church and ask to go all the time. 
*You wanted to take donuts and cupcakes with you to school today, so that's what we did. 
*You love all of the Disney princesses, but your favorite is The Little Mermaid.
*You also love VeggieTales and ask to listen to them everytime we are in the car.
*You are wearing 4s and 5s in clothing.  Since you have gotten so tall, pants are hard to find right now.  Some 4s are too short, and some 5s are too long.  This means that some mornings, you have to put on an outfit or 2 before we find one that fits right, but you don't mind since we call it 'dress up'.
*You are also wearing an 8, 8.5, and some 9s in shoes.  Your foot has not grown much in the last year....maybe a 1/2 size.  This means your shoe collection is crazy.
*You dress yourself every morning and just come get me to help fix your hair before we leave.  I have to help you pick out your clothes though because if you got to pick, you would wear an actual princess dress to school daily.
*You are quick to correct anyone from saying bad words...(i.e. stupid, hate, butt, booty, etc.)  I am sure not everyone you correct appreciates it, but I love your innocent heart and pray you stay this way for a LONG time!

Tatum, always know that Daddy, Mateo, and I all love you very much! 


Nicole said...

Happy birthday to Tatum! She is adorable! I can't believe how fast time is flying either.

Kimberly said...

I have loved watching Tatum grow over the past 4 years via blog world! She is such a beautiful darling 4 year old and I hope she had a fabulous Birthday!!!
BTW-I miss u april! Will have to call and catch up soon!