Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tatum's Birthday Celebrations

We decided this year to skip the big birthday party for Tatum and just do some things she has been asking to do for a while.

The first thing was one that Antonio was happy for me to do with Tatum alone, so that's what we did.

Tatum has been asking to go to Chuck E. Cheese for WEEKS.  Since she couldn't go to school Thursday and Friday (due to pinkeye), I decided to take her to Chuck E. Cheese Friday since she was looking and feeling fine.

She was in serious "AWE" of Chuck E. Cheese.  It was too cute.
I found a great coupon that got us a pizza, drinks, and 45 tokens for $20.  

We were there for 3 hours!!  But Tatum was great and enjoyed all of the games and rides.

Of course, as soon as we got into the car, Tatum was OUT!!  I definitely think our first trip to Chuck E. Cheese was a great success and we will have to go back soon because she just got a coupon for 20 free tokens for her birthday.
Another one of Tatum's big "LOVES" right now is VeggieTales.  She really enjoyed their DVDs when she was around 1, but now she loves the music and requests a VeggieTales CD everytime she gets into the car.  I heard that VeggieTales Live would be in town today, so we got tickets for her big birthday present.

We had GREAT seats...2nd row in the middle section.
While we were waiting on the show to start, Tatum and Mateo enjoyed their VeggieTales snacks.

I wasn't sure how long the show would last(I was guessing an hour), but an hour into the show we had an intermission.  Here is a picture of Tatum on the stage during the break.

You can see Tatum at the front in the picture below...she is in the yellow and orange.
Mateo enjoyed the show too...he did get the wiggles from time to time, but nothing Antonio and I couldn't handle together.

Since this was Tatum's birthday present, I decided to splurge and get the tickets that included the Meet and Greet with Bob and Larry.  We had to wait about 15 minutes after the show so Bob and Larry could get changed into their special outfits so they could give hugs and high-5s.
The Meet and Greet was so fast!  They asked for you to have your cameras ready, know how you want your picture(just kids, whole family, etc), and move on when you are done.  Tatum cracked me up because while we were waiting for our turn, she asked for some chapstick because she needed it in order to be ready to give Larry and Bob kisses.  She hugged and kissed them a few times.

Here is our one (and ONLY) picture from the Meet and Greet.  I am very thankful that it is a decent picture!

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