Friday, October 15, 2010

30 Days of Truth-Day 2: Something You Love about Yourself

I thought yesterday's truth was difficult, but with time, I came up with several things.  However, today I am still sitting here after 20 minutes trying to come up with something that I love about myself.

I love that, although I may not be great at it, I love to  I think it is fun to look back and see a true documentation of our lives.
I love that I have learned over the years what is truly important in life. 
I love that, given time, I can always see the bright side of things no matter how bad the situation may be.
I love that I have loving, supportive parents, siblings, husband, children, and close friends that I know will love me and be there for me no matter what, but also not hesitate to tell me when I am wrong.
I love that I can find joy in the simple, small things in life.
I love that I allow myself to be an open book to others.  I know that the things I reveal can be taken the wrong way or used for others to pass judgement, but it can also allow me to truly know someone on a deeper level and really connect.
I love that I am a giver, not a taker.
I love that I am a positive person.
I love that I do my best to make decisions in life by putting myself in the other person's shoes.
I love that I am doing this at 3am...ok, that's not true.  I love that I am sarcastic even though I try to 'contain' my sarcasm around people that don't know me well because I know everyone doesn't get it.
Finally, and most importantly, I love that I have GOD on my side in any sitauation, at anytime, and anywhere. 

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