Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sickness All Around

There has been quiet a bit of sickness in our house this week.

I realized Tatum had ear infections when we were in Baton Rouge and she went to the dr Monday and got some meds for them. She is doing better, but still has a few more days of meds to take. She still also has the runny nose and cough.

Last night Mateo didn't sleep as well as I am used to him sleeping. He usually goes 8-10 hours between feedings one time at night, but last night he woke up every 3-4 hours. Today he woke up a little stuffy. Mateo also had runny poop and he was spitting up lots more than normal. I decided to go ahead and take him to the dr since so many babies seem to be getting RSV. Dr. Miller confirmed that Mateo has a bad cold, but she did an RSV test and it was negative. We can not give Mateo any meds right now because he is so young, so we just have to wait it out. We are using a humidifier in his room and elevating him a little when he sleeps so the drainage won't be so bad. Oh yeah, Mateo weighed 11 pounds 7 ounces with his clothes on today, so he has gained over 3 pounds since birth (birth weight 8 pounds 6 ounces).

Anyway, while we were at the dr's office, I talked to Dr. Miller about Tatum having so many ear infections. Tatum has had 6 DOUBLE ear infections in the last 12 months. Dr. Miller decided it might be best to go see an ENT for a consultation and see what they think. We were referred to 3 different doctors in the same practice. I knew a few of you had said something about Dr. Klug, but he didn't have an open appt for a few months and neither did Dr. Naidu, so we are going to see Dr. Milburn on March 4th.

I was sick at the beginning of the week. I am pretty sure it was just mild sinus stuff. i ran a fever a couple of days and just felt bad, but that was pretty much it. I haven't been feeling as bad since Tuesday, but I have been having problems with my migranes this week, but nothing my meds can't help.

Antonio is a healthy man, so he can take care of the rest of us. The sickness in our house could be much worse. I am feeling pretty good by lunchtime and the kids don't seem to be too bothered by their sickness. Maybe if this crazy weather would stay one way for more than 2 days, we would all be a little healthier.

SIDE NOTE: Tatum has been doing great with the potty training. She didn't do good at all while we were in Baton Rouge, but since we have returned I don't think there has been a single accident!! her teachers at school want us to start sending her in big girl panties. I am a little nervous about it, but we have to start sometime, so we are thinking maybe next week will be THE WEEK!!

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grassals said...

Good grief, April. If it's not one thing it's another, right? I hope you all feel better soon.