Sunday, February 08, 2009

Silly Saturday Spent with Friends

I am going to start this blog off with a little bit of a lesson. When going to visit someone in the hospital, ALWAYS double check that you are about to walk into the correct room before you go in.....this is my story.

So, I text Jessica to get her room number. She texts me back and gives it to me before I leave my house. I go pick up some food for Jessica and head up to see her and meet Baby Colin. When I get to the 4th floor, I am saying in my head "441, 441, 441, 441..." I get to Room 441 and knock on the door. I hear a 'come in' so I proceed in. There was a lady on the couch holding the baby, the mom in the bed laying on her side facing away from me, and the nurse standing over her. I thought for a second that the nurse was "checking" her, so I stopped at the door and said i would wait til she got finished. The lady on the couch said "no, come on in. She is getting a massage." So I proceed to go in and walk to the opposite side of the bed. I then lean over and look at the 'mom' in the bed and say, "YOU aren't JESSICA!!" Then I proceed to apologize about 100 times, feel my face turn 100 shades of red, and then walk out the door. I then headed to room 445 (the correct room). I thought I was embarrassed, but okay until a nurse came in 445 right after me and told me she saw me go in the wrong room... She laughed at me and I just laughed along with her. So please learn from my mistake, ALWAYS check the number!

Once I go to the correct room, I calmed down. As soon as we all got in to see Baby Colin, the dr came in to take Colin to circumcize him, so we all waited for a bit. It didnt' take long at all and Baby Colin was back in the room and not crying at all. I held him for a bit and he was quiet a cutie! I didn't get a picture on my camera of me holding him, but Jenn did so IF she ever uploads her pics, I will have to post a picture of me and Colin. He weighed 8 pounds 9 ounces and was over 21 inches long.

Jennifer, who is pregnant and due in May with Baby Luke, held him too. We can't wait to get all the boys together for a picture...Mateo, Colin, and Luke!

Here is Colin. I played with the settings on my camera and took some black and white pictures (which I LOVE) and also some sepia ones.
Jessica looked AWESOME aftering having Colin. She and her husband Scott are going to be the best parents! Jessica is a twin. Her sister, Courtney, is 18 weeks pregnant with her second child in the picture below. (Courtney is on the left and Jessica on the right)
I LOVE this next picture of Jessica kissing Colin. I think it is so sweet and she didn't even know I was taking the picture!
Okay, while we were visiting Jessica, Scott, and Colin in the hospital, we had SO much fun. Cindy, Jennifer, Tim, Courtney, and I were all visiting at the same time. There was this couple out in the hallway that had this BLINGED out baby and they were taking pictures. I was DYING to get a picture of it all, so I made Tim stand in the hall in front of me so that I could PRETEND to take a picture of him but really take a picture of this family. So this is that picture...
Then Cindy said I am SURE if we go down there they will let us take a picture of their baby, so we went down and asked and the proud parents said SURE! So here is baby Gisele..
Then either the mom or dad said "Do you want a picture WITH Gisele??" I, of course, said YES!! and made Cindy jump in the picture with here is Cindy, Baby Gisele, and is pretty funny that Cindy and I happen to be wearing pink too.
This was Gisele's door all decorated. If you can't tell, there is a onsie in the middle with a sash that says "Lil' Miss February". There is also a crown, a purse, and a cell phone to the right.... (you can double click on the picture to enlarge it.)
And on the left are THREE Victoria Secret gift cards. What is a BABY going to do with VS gift cards???
Anyway, we finally left and walked out to the parking lot. It was quiet easy to spot Baby Gisele's car. This was on the back of it....
Cindy, Jenn, Tim, and I had giggled so much about Baby Gisele that we worked up an appetite, so we all went to lunch. When Cindy and I were leaving the parking lot, we looked over and Tim was being interviewed by the local TV station. I HAD to get a picture.
Everyone was making fun of me for taking so many pictures yesterday, but would my stories be as interesting if you couldn't SEE what I was talking about??? I don't think so! We had such a great time and it was nice to get out of the house for a while without any kids. Antonio stayed home with Mateo and Tatum so I could go meet baby Colin.
Anyway, a HUGE congrats to Scott and Jessica. You guys will be GREAT parents!! I can't wait to get the boys together soon.


Jennifer said...

What a WILD day! Scott and Jess probably didn't expect so much excitement at the hospital.

I will upload pictures as soon as we get our laptop fixed. Boooo

Kimberly said...

I am sooo glad you told us about baby Giselle! That is sooo funny! I am dying!

Milton, Alesa and Addyson said...

This has got to be one of the funniest things I have ever seen!!! Thanks for taking the picture. I would have never been able to visualize this!!

tpillstrom said...

That poor baby girl! What did her parents look like? Oh man, I'm going to be like that after two boys, aren't I?