Sunday, February 01, 2009

It's A Beautiful Day...

I know that I haven't taken many pictures of Tatum and Mateo together, so I am trying to be better about that. Tatum LOVES Mateo so much. She gives him kisses, pets his head, points out all of his body parts and tells us what they are, counts his fingers and toes, sings him songs when he cries, and holds his hand in the car when he is screaming(I still need to get a picture of this one because it is precious). However, everytime I ask her if she wants to hold Mateo she says "NO!" and shakes her head. I don't know if she is scared of him or if we have drilled this into her head that she is not to touch unless we are around to help. I guess it is good that she is not trying to carry him around or anything.

Anyway, she finally agreed to hold him yesterday so I could attempt to get a picture. She had been playing dress up with some clothes that my mom gave her, so that is why she has this crazy outfit on. Mateo was not a happy camper, so she wanted to give him a kiss.

Today, I got to take out my best friend, Brandy, for lunch at our annual spot Bahama Breeze. We have gone there every year for the past 5 years I think. It was great catching up with her. She lives only a few streets away from us, but I don't see her as often as I wish I could because she is working and a busy girl. I took my camera, but forgot to take pictures, but let me assure you, the food was great. Mateo also joined us and slept pretty much the whole time.

Today, the weather here was just BEAUTIFUL!!! After I got home from lunch with Brandy, I asked Antonio if wanted to go for a walk and go down to the grocery store. He said sure, so off we went. We took Tatum in her wagon and Mateo in his stroller. We decided to cut down our grocery list for just food that we needed for tonight. Tatum was nice enough to let us put all of our groceries in her wagon. Here are some pictures on our walk back. I failed to get a picture of Mateo, but he slept the whole time!

When we got back home, we let Mateo continue sleeping, and the rest of us took Maggie outside for some playtime.
Maggie and Tatum are such great friends.

Maggie was begging Antonio for a treat.

Now Maggie is REALLY begging for a treat.
Tatum played fetch with Maggie....

Tatum got a little carried away with throwing the ball and hit Maggie in the face. I managed to take a picture at the perfect time to catch Maggies reaction...I don't think she liked it too much.

After playing fetch, Maggie and Tatum played 'hide and seek'......can you find Maggie??
....and then they ran side by side...
.....and then played chase...
...then Tatum sat down to rest.
...this next face says, "I am up to no good!"

As you can see, we had a great afternoon together. We are getting ready to watch the Super Bowl now. Hope you guys enjoyed this beautiful day!

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