Monday, December 24, 2007

Quick Update...

In my EARLY morning posts, I forgot to post about a few things, so here they are...

First, an update to my "Pity Party" I threw a few days ulcer is still around and going strong. I haven't found anything that works to get rid of it, but I think it is on its way out. Eating is much less painful, so I guess all is getting better. However, now my right ear is KILLING me. This is the same side that my ulcer is on. It has caused some nausea and a few feelings like I am going to pass out, but I still haven't gone to the doctor. I know, I know, I will go after Christmas if it is still hurting. I thought it might just be an ear infection or something, but I talked to my mom and she said my grandmother has something like this that she deals with, "inner ear SOMETHING". Hearing this drives me crazy. WHY? you ask? Well there are 4 kids in my family. Out of the 4 of us, it seems that I am the 'LUCKY' one that gets all the genetic health problems. If you don't believe me here is what I have racked up in 26 years of life....

-Migranes (my grandmother gave those to me) I have had them I know since high school so at least 10 yrs.

-Ulcers in my mouth. (my grandmother again). I get them every month with my 'Aunt Flow' sorry if that is TMI.

-I had a lump removed from my breast about 5 years ago. I am not completely sure which side of the family I got this from. My dad's mother passed away because of breast cancer and lumps in the breast are common on my mom's side of the family. My lump that was removed was not cancer though.

-Allergic to Neosporin. (my uncle is too.) I know what you are thinking...'Who in the world is allergic to NEOSPORIN??? Well I am. I discovered this about 3 years ago when I was being responsible and having some suspicious moles removed. I got stitches and doctored my wounds with neosporin every day. I soon had rashes over my stitches that itched like crazy. I went back telling the doctor that I was allergic to the stitches he used, but later found out it wasn't the stitches, it was the neosporin. I now have to use POLYSPORIN.

-now the ear thing....not for sure what is going on here, but I am pretty sure WHERE I got it. (Thanks grandmother.)

Who knows what will be next. So, to put an optomistic spin on it...what is good about me having these things??

-I CONSTANTLY think of family members when the things arrive.

-Better me than one of the siblings I supposed.

-Maybe this stuff will skip another generation and Tatum won't have to deal with any of this.

-I know how to treat MOST of these things or at least deal with them.

-My mother and I get a kick out of this topic.

-I can't say that my family never gave me anything.

-None of these things will kill me, just make me uncomfortable from time to time.

-It could be MUCH worse!

-The list is short thus far.

On to more important things....
I know that no one likes a long blog without pictures, so here are just two of the rejected Christmas card pictures.

Last Sunday, Tatum started running a fever while we were at our Christmas party for the church staff. Monday, I stayed home with her in the morning until Antonio's dad coul come over and watch her so I could work. By Monday night her fever was over 104. I called the night nurse on duty and she told me to give her Tylenol OR Motrin every 3 hours alternating them. On top of that, we were to take her temperature every 2-3 hours and give her a lukewarm bath if it was over 102. Needless to say, we let Tatum sleep with us Monday night more for our peace of mind than hers. She got a few baths and in the morning Antonio's dad came over to watch her so I could go to work, but I felt so bad leaving her, so I decided to take her to the doctor before work. When we got to the dr, they took her temperature and of course, she was not running a fever for the first time since Sunday afternoon. However, after they took a look at her, they said she had a bad ear infection in her right ear and an ear infection in her left ear as well. We went home with some medicine. She has been MUCH better since then. This was her first ear infection and I hope that there are no more to follow. Please keep her in your prayers that these don't become frequent at our house. Neither Antonio nor I have ever had an ear infection, so we may have missed the signs. However, she wasn't pulling at her ears or anything, just fussy last week and clingy. I just thought she was getting some more new teeth.
We are heading out this afternoon to celebrate Christmas with the family. Be safe out there and cherish your time with your families. One last picture of another attempt at a Christmas care picture.


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Jenny R. said...

These pictures are absolutely adorable. She looks so tiny compared to the Christmas balls. LOVE THEM!!!