Thursday, December 13, 2007

Pity Party

This will be my last blog of the day seeing as how I have posted a few already...

I am officially throwing myself a PITY PARTY. Anyone that would like to join me for MY pity party is welcome to, just don't steal my thunder. Why am I throwing a pity party you ask? Well because I am(and have been for at least a week) in pain. I get these HORRIBLE ulcers in my mouth ALL the time(usually when Aunt Flow comes for a visit, but not always), but this ulcer I have this time is KILLING ME!!!

Let me tell you about my ulcer. I decided last week to go to the dentist because I have been getting more and more ulcers in my mouth and they are NO FUN. So, I went and he took pictures, vowed to me that he would email them to his mentor at the University of Kentucky, and proceded to do a laser treatment on my current ulcers to "take care of them." He assured me this would help them go away, but he wants to help me figure out how to prevent them.
Well, the laser treatment worked on 3 of the 4. This 4th one is on my soft pallet(not sure if I spelled that right or if that is what he called it) but it is on the top of my mouth in the back almost in my throat. Because of this, I can't eat ANYTHING without pain. It hurts to swallow, cough, eat, talk, etc. This 4th ulcer has also caused random dry heaving during conversations in the past few days. Can we say EMBARRASSING!?!? This 4th ulcer has just gotten bigger and bigger since last week. I am DESPERATE for an answer to relief.

The past 3 days I have only eaten one meal a day because I refuse to eat until I just can't stand it anymore. Then I am only willing to eat soup. So, 3 days, 3 bowls of soup, LOTS of ice water.

What's a girl to do?!?!?! Anyone have any answers, suggestions, thoughts, opinions, experience?!?!!? I will just about try anything at this point.


JRH said...

hey there! i just saw your comment on my blog...thanks i will continue to write and i will pop over to yours as well!

as for your mouth troubles...i am sooo sorry! that sounds absolutely horrible!!!! :( i do hope you find some relief from this before the holidays end. take care!

Amanda said...

Bless your heart, that sounds awful! I hope you've found some relief.

Milton, Alesa and Addyson said...

They make those patches that go over ulcers now. I am sure you can get them at any drugstore. Hope this gets better soon!