Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Quick Update

Time seems to be flying by these days, I guess that means I am getting old? Several times a day things will come up and I will tell myself, "Hey self, I am going to blog about that!", but as you can see, it hasn't been happening.

Well, here is a little update with a few pictures.

We were able to go to the Memphis Tigers game Saturday night....all FOUR of us. I must admit that the night was a recipe for disaster. both kids going, game didn't start til AFTER Mateo's bedtime and 30 minutes before Tatum's, 2 hours of sitting in seats (we only had 3 since Mateo didn't need a ticket), we didn't manage to even eat dinner before we left the house...sigh

I am so glad to say that everything went GREAT!! Tatum and Mateo were well behaved and I must admit I was shocked. Antonio and I even planned to leave at halftime (if we could even make it that long), but we ended up staying for the entire game!

Here are a few picture....

Tatum did not want to take a picture with Mateo...
Can you see how sleepy Mateo is? He was great though. The excitement around us kept him entertained the whole time.
Tatum was fascinated by this airplane that was inside.
When Tatum would get antsy, we would just ask her to find Pouncer, like Where's Waldo. It provided much entertainment along with the band.

Since there are 2 Pouncers this year, they make the rounds a little better so the fans can see them and get pictures taken. We waited so patiently and in the 2nd 1/2 of the game, Pouncer was on our side of the court. He was coming up in the stands and I just knew he would continue up to us, but he didn't. So, since Tatum wanted to me him SO MUCH, I left Mateo with Antonio and me and Tatum took off to chase him down. The 2 pouncers were playing and dancing when we headed down. As soon as we got close, they both started walking away(they did not see us coming I guess and were headed to another section), and that is when it happened....
Tatum sat down on the bottom step and let out the loudest sad cry followed by "I WANT TO HUG THE TIGER!!!" The usher at the bottom of the steps went to tap Pouncer on the shoulder, but I guess he had heard her cries and he turned around and headed back our way. Then THIS happened....
PURE HAPPINESS!!! Tatum was not scared one bit! She LOVED Pouncer and said how soft he was.

I am very thankful that Tatum got to 'meet' Pouncer and get her picture taken with him. She is still talking about him!
Now some other quick note worthy things to put down...
~Tatum is growing up and becoming such a big girl these days. She shocked me the other day when we were getting ready for school. I asked her to hold her foot up so I could put on her shoe and she asked me "the left one or the right one?" I smiled and said the left one and she did just that...held up her left foot. We have quized her several times since then and she always gets her left and right correct.
~Tatum is quiet the mother hen in our house. She likes to keep an eye on Mateo and keep him out of trouble(or discipline him if it is needed). She also likes to feed him (her food) and he LOVES her too. We let them play in her room alone all the time now and they do great! The room will be a mess in minutes, but such is life I guess? He will eat things for her that he won't eat for me.
~Tatum is getting SO TALL. She is currently wearing 4T and 4 pants, but they are quickly becoming too short. I am glad summer is around the corner so we don't have to purchase many pants for a while.
~Mateo is SUCH A PICKY EATER!!! I am not kidding, this kid constantly throws me for loops! He will eat bananas, BUT only if they are cold. I think I have figured out that he doesn't like any food that is breaded (frozen chicken nuggets, fried okra, fish sticks, etc). oh, but he WILL eat some of this for Tatum. In the mornings, he will NOT sit at his table for breakfast. The only way I can get food in his belly is to sit him in my lap and hand feed him. I don't mind because it slows me down and I enjoy the time with him.
~Mateo also HATES diaper changes and clothing changes. Tatum wiggled at this age, but she was nothing compared to him. He will not lay still for one second. We have tried toys, books, songs, lights, even tried having Tatum stand right by him to entertain him, but nope...what should take 5 minutes take about 10-15. And if he sticks his hand in his poop one more time i am going to scream...lol I feel like I have things under control, but he still manages to wiggle free and get his hand down there. I think he just likes to get his hands washed VERY WELL in the kitchen sink after he does this.
~Mateo loves to drink out of the water fountain. When I pick up Tatum from school she always wants to make a stop by the water fountain and I started letting Mateo get a drink out of the big one too. If I don't automatically bend over to let him get a drink, he will attempt to jump out of my hands to get down there.
~Mateo is in a size 4 diapers, size 3 shoes, and 12-18 months in clothes for the most part, but he can still wear some 6-12 months. He has 7 teeth now.
~Mateo is still not walking. We have made some progress in this area, but no independent walking just yet.
I guess that's it. We are still alive and doing well.

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