Thursday, March 11, 2010

Things That Make Ya Go Hmmm....

It's no secret that our garbage men and women(in Memphis) have the best jobs in the world. Let's see, they get paid about $40,000 a year, can go home when their route is done (usually about 4 hours), and have restrictions when weather is a concern (they refuse to work in weather under 15 degrees...glad we aren't in the north or our trash would NEVER get picked up), and they are also the only people that could leave THIS in the middle of the street for 5-10 minutes and not feel bad at all....
Really?? I mean, i would have just gone around except they are parked directly in front of my drive way. I must admit, they were nice and waved me to come on thru, but unless I am on a motorcycle, I don't think I can fit.

I must admit it really didn't make me mad at all. I thought it was pretty entertaining watching others try to fit by the truck, then turn around and speed off. No, I have more patience than that and just jammed to the radio until they were finished. Our personal garbage men have always been very nice and waved to us and smiled(Tatum LOVES it) when they see us. Anyone who can do this job and smile is A-OK with me. I just hope our personal garbage men were not part of the refusing to work in the cold or else it would make me sad.

Who knows, maybe this will be my next job?? Could be worse!

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