Friday, March 26, 2010

I conquered the monster....

Let me explain....

We don't have a garage, just a carport. But, we DO have a closet/pantry in our house that is in our entrance room. This room didn't exist when we first moved in, but Antonio and I wanted some type of pantry other than our cabinets, so he and a friend put this in.

It is our "catch all" room. When in doubt, we throw it in there....whatever "IT" is. I know, I probably have a clean house and are probably very disturbed at the thought that I would even post these pictures, but in my attempt to be REAL and blog the good, bad, and ugly, I am keepin' it real.

Last night I was trying to get something out of here and couldn't even walk in our "walk in" pantry, so that was the last straw. Here are some embarrassing BEFORE pics...

And after an hour, it now looks like THIS...(can you tell we use lots of papertowels and I found some on sale?) Also, I HATE how our utility box jumps out at you, but I don't know how to cover it up. I thought about hanging something up in there, but just not sure what. I also don't think it would be smart to try to put any nails in that wall since I am sure there are lots of wires running around that box. Any suggestions?
It probably isn't the most clean and organized still, but I know where things are now, so that makes me happy. I guess 1/2 of this room is our pantry and the other half is tools, paint, and other misc stuff. I found the black and white baskets not long ago and they were 1/2 off so I bought LOTS of them. They have come in handy plenty of times.
I think we have enough paint to paint 2 or 3 houses, but it has all been used and the remaining paint is used for touchups or new projects. Antonio said we can't put it out in the storage building because it has to be kept at room temperature, so here it is.
It's nice to see the floor and be able to walk in here!
And for now, I decided to put our DVDs in here too. I am looking for a new entertainment center that is closed so the kids (Mateo really) can't get to all of the stuff and pull it all down, but I haven't found anything that I like just yet.
So there it is, my monster has been run out of here and is probably waiting on me in another room now.


Precious Moments said...

Wow I am impressed! I LOVE organizing things!!! And thanks for texting me from the concert! I SO wish I would have been there, love them! Glad you were blessed, I know you were!

Tammy said...

Thanks for your comment!!! Ya know its funny because there are women at my church that love to clean and they say it is a huge stress reliever. For me, it causes me stress and just thinking about cleaning just makes me want to throw up. That's how bad I hate to clean. But I am trying to work through my issues with that though. When I saw these pics I laughed because that looks like a closet in my house. Thanks for keeping it real with these pics!!! I am so glad to know that I am not the only one!!!