Wednesday, April 01, 2009

I Will Always Bleed Tiger Blue!!!

Well, it's official....Coach Cal is now the University of Kentucky head basketball coach.

This drama has been going on for a few days.....will he go? will he stay? There were so many reports from news media saying he was staying or going, so I decided not to worry about it all until I heard it from Coach Cal's mouth.

This was my initial reaction...

I was pretty darn shocked.

Then, I realized how much he has done for Memphis the city and the University of Memphis and it made me pretty sad...

Coach Cal said that the University of Kentucky coaching job has always been a dream of his. I am excited for him that this dream is coming true for him. To bad mouth him, bash him, or belittle him is crazy. How in the world can anyone deny how much he has done for Memphis??? He has brought a sense of pride and togetherness to us all. I challenge anyone to try to spend a day in Memphis without seeing someone wearing University of Memphis gear! You can't do it!!

I have enjoyed watching the Memphis Tigers play under Coach Cal. His style of coaching is top of the line!! The team this year was definitely doubted in the beginning....

Nothing makes a coach, a team, and a fan happier than proving everyone wrong!

Anyway, in our house, we will continue to fly our Memphis flags, wear our Memphis Tigers gear, cheer for our team, and support the next coach that comes to town(whoever he may be)!!

Besides, this little guy could very well be playing basketball at the University of Memphis one day and that would make his mama and daddy very proud!!

And this pretty lady could be cheering on the Memphis Tigers Basketball team even sooner!!


Jennifer said...

I agree! Quit the bad mouthing! It is soo old and everyone is talking about it. I was shocked at first, but decided I wasn't going to listen to the news about it until there were facts. Now we know and I am happy for him. I wish others could be, too! Don't wish karma on the man! Geez! What is the big deal? Too much time on your hands?

JRH said...

agree with ya honey! well said. we'll miss him. that's for sure! i love the pic of tatum in her cheerleading cute!