Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Cheated!!

I woke up today and I was SO TIRED and SO SORE from working out the past 2 days. I threw on some clothes and planned to run Tatum and Mateo to school and then come back home and jump into bed.

I gave Mateo a bottle and got Tatum and Mateo dressed. Something came over me and decided to get my workout clothes on, suck it up, and go to the gym. So, I dropped Tatum and Mateo off and went to the gym. I really didn't want to, but I did it anyway.

After the gym, I used a cheat eat. I went to Chick-fil-A and got a chicken biscuit. I was good, but now I feel like I am going to get sick. I am not sure if that is because I feel bad for eating it and cheating or if it is hurting my tummy.

Anyway, I have worked out HARD everyday this week and I know that even if the scale doesn't go down any, I am pretty sure my body is taking a new form and that is fine by me!

I have decided that I am so sore because it is my body's way of saying THANK YOU FOR WORKING OUT AGAIN!

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Precious Moments said...

I LOVE me some chick fil a....ALL OF IT!!! That is going to be my next cheat!!! But ya, it does make your stomach hurt when you go so long without "bad" stuff and then you eat it...