Saturday, April 25, 2009

42 Day Challenge Day 6

Before I do an update for the challenge I want to ask everyone to click on Gavin's link to the right of my page and please pray for him. He is right around Tatum's age. Gavin just had another MAJOR heart surgery and is doing pretty well, but still needs prayers.

Today is weigh in day. I will keep this quick since we have a busy day planned for today.

~I am down 3 pounds since Monday.
~I have not cheated this week (no sweets and no fried foods). I have had 1-12 oz can of DDP and 1/2 a 20 oz of DDP, so about 22 oz of DDP for the WHOLE WEEK!!
~I only exercised Monday and Tuesday since I had a car wreck on the way to the gym on Wednesday. I am still recovering a bit, but plan to be back in the gym in the next day or 2. It will be a few more days before I can do any weights with my arms because my left shoulder is still hurting, but my legs are 100% so there isn't really a good excuse to stay out of the gym at this point.

I sure hope to keep up this pace. I plan to hit it hard in the gym next week since Mateo will be starting daycare Monday. I only have 1 more week before I return to work! I have lots of stuff to catch up on for work next week, but the gym is #1 plan for everyday!!

Today, we are taking Tatum to a Princess birthday party. Everyone has to come dressed up. HUGE thanks to Laurie (Mckayla and Mya too but I doubt they know) for letting Tatum borrow a princess outfit. Tatum has dress up clothes, but not a true princess outfit. Anyway, I will be sure to take pics.

After the party, we hope to have a mini naptime for Tatum and then go to church.

Have a great Saturday!!


Precious Moments said...

Way to go!!! YOu are off to a great start, and wow on the dr. pepper! Thats tough..Tanna

Kristi said...

Yipppe!! Great job this week!! Keep up the great work!! :)

Brianna said...

Great job!!! 3 lbs is fabulous! Sorry to hear about your car accident!

AmberParnell said...

Hey April! My name is Amber and I am doing the 42 day challenge too! I just noticed that you live far away from everyone else too! I live in NC, right next door to you :) It will be nice knowing that someone else who lives far away will be doing this too! Good luck! Congrats on the three pounds in the first week! That is impressive! I joined the challenge late...I am starting it today, so my 42 days ends on June 6th. I'm so excited! (and a little scared)