Thursday, April 30, 2009

42 Day Challenge....Thanks and Tired...

Quick post....

As I said in another post I watch Joyce Meyer's show in the mornings now. I TiVo it and it is a great 30 min of motivation for my day. I had decided to take a break from the gym this morning.....that was, until I watched Joyce Meyer. She talked about how when you first start something new you may not feel like doing it every day (exercise, daily devotionals, etc). However, you have to press on and soon you will ENJOY this time and even look forward to it. She was I got my gym clothes on and after dropping Tatum and Mateo off at school I went to the gym.

NOW, I am NO RUNNER....I have never been a runner, but always WANTED to be a runner. Growing up, I played sports, esp basketball, and could play a whole game no problem, but something about JUST running, I just can't do it...I have no endurance...I really think it is mental. All week I have been walking 2 miles on the treadmill and then doing weights. Anyway, I decided to try walking AND running on the treadmill today. It usually takes me about 35 min to walk 2 fastest was 33 minutes 30 seconds. Today I was determinted to 2 miles under 30 minutes.

I pushed myself hard and I did 2 miles in 29 minutes 35 seconds!!!! I know to some of you reading this, this is VERY slow, but for me (who has never been a runner) I felt great cause I accomplished what I wanted to!!!

Antonio got me a heartrate monitor for my average heartrate today was 164 and my max heartrate was 199!!! I called and told Antonio and he asked me if I passed out when it hit did not pass out, but I was tired when I finished. I also burned 517 calories in my 30 min on the treadmill. I rewarded myself (not with food) and didn't do weights

Oh, my motivational ipod music that I listened to today was Planetshakers....If you have never listened to them, you should look them up. We sing lots of their music at our church and I LOVE IT!!!!

Anyway, today is a good day. I hope that my 2 mile time will get even faster over the next few weeks, because I CAN do this!!


The Neipling's~Chad, Stephanie and Graham said...

Girl, your two mile time was AWESOME!!! that is GREAT!! I've never been a runner either but always wanted to be. I have weak ankles so everytime I try to run, I end up scraping knees. and scraped up knees aren't pretty in dresses. lol

Precious Moments said...

500 calories is alot for a run!! Who cares how long it took, running is hard!! That is amazing, thanks for sharing. It made me wanna get my clothes on go run!! I would if Miss Brylee wasnt asleep...or if my husband was home!

Anyway, I did a circuit workout with some of the girls here at my house today. Man, I would love it if you lived closer...I can tell you would love the motivation of the beast!! It gets crazy, but its fun.

Congrats today, thats awesome. I need one of those calorie counters!! --Tanna

Jenna said...

Congrats and great job! I once was not a runner either and never thought I would be or wanted to be and I turned into a running maniac! You will love it once you get the endurance - it feels so good. Just make sure to really stretch well afterwards and do some ab exercises to strengthen your core so you don't get injured (like I unfortunately did). I have some great stretches and exercises - email me if you want any (

JRH said...

that's fantastic! keep up the great work!