Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tatum's Big Girl Room

We moved Tatum into her Big Girl Room a few weeks ago and she is doing great (except for waking up around 5:30-6am every morning). Anyway, here are some pictures of her room from a few weeks ago. There is still nothing up on her walls, but it does look more lived in now.
We got this bookcase from some friends (Chuck and Cindy) and it works perfectly in her room. We were in desperate need of somewhere to put all of Tatum's books and other random things, so this was great. Tatum has tried to climb it a few times, but I think we have gotten it through to her that climbing the bookcase is NOT a great idea.
Here is her bed, of course. When we bought the bedding, I thought a bed skirt came with it, but I was wrong. So, we had to buy it seperate and that is why it's not on there in these pics. Also, this bed is the one that Antonio sanded down and repainted for Tatum. It turned out great in my opinion and was MUCH cheaper than buying a new bed.
Here is a better pic of the empty bookcase. Like I said before, it is pretty full now, so I need to take new pics.
And finally, here is Tatum's dresser. This is the one that we sanded, repainted, and changed the drawer handles on. I am very proud that we were able to use the furniture that we already had vs. having to pay for all new stuff.

That's it as far as her room goes. I will be posting a few more blogs today, so stay tooned.

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