Thursday, November 13, 2008

Saturday Birthday Celebration

Saturday, Antonio, Tatum, Laurie, Mckayla, Mya, my dad, my mom, and I all went to my grandmother's house to celebrate my mom's birthday. We hung out and visited at my grandmother's house and then headed to lunch.

Here is a picture of Tatum and Mya.
My dad, Tatum, Mya, and Laurie
Tatum giving Mya a hug...
Tatum and Mya were cheering for Mckayla while she did some cartwheels for everyone.

The birthday mom's birthday was on 11/7 and Antonio's was 11/11 so we kind of celebrated them both at the same time.
My mom with her new camera.

Gran with her great grandchildren...Mya and Tatum
We went to eat at the Old Country Store. After we finished eating the girls decided to get up on stage and play. Mckayla would sing and Tatum and Mya were supposed to cheer.
Now they are cheering....
My pictures are out of order, but here is my dad helping my mom open her present...the camera.
Gran and my dad...
It was so nice to relax and visit for a while. My grandmother also spoiled me a bit. For some reason, I have been wanting some HOMEMADE applesauce....I know, weird. Anyway, my grandmother made some for me and it was perfect! She didn't even offer it to anyone else! I got to take it all home with me...YUMMY!

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