Thursday, November 13, 2008

Halloween Pics (I know, VERY LATE)

I am WAY behind on blogging, so I decided that I would play catchup today. We will start with Halloween. Tatum was a Memphis Cheerleader this year. I tried and tried to find the "perfect" costume for her, but didn't find anything I really liked that I was willing to pay $30 for her to just wear it once, so I got her a new cheerleading outfit. She also wouldn't keep anything on her head and had to wear her costume to school, so that eliminated lots of costumes. If I had my way, she would have been AMIGO Care Bear like the one she always carries around, but no such costume exists. Anyway, here are some pictures of Tatum before we headed to school...

I left my camera at daycare so her teacher could take pictures of the class. As you can see, Tatum was not wanting to pose for her picture to be taken. These pics are not good, but it's the only ones I have. This is also the last day that Tatum was in this class, she moved up to the 2 yr old class the following Monday.

Obviously, we are not the only Memphis fans that have kids at our daycare. Tatum had a twinkie at school and her teacher got some pics for me.

Halloween night Antonio had to work late, so I decided to take Tatum to a church around the corner that was having "Trunk or Treat". Tatum loved it and did such a great job. She told everyone "Thank You!' after they would give her candy. We just stayed for a few minutes and then we went back home. I took her to 3 neighbor's houses of people we like so she could experience the REAL trick or treating. She had a blast doing that. Then we headed home to pass out candy for the rest of the night.

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