Saturday, April 28, 2007

Home Sweet Home

I am officially back from New Orleans! I got back yesterday (Friday) at 5pm. Antonio and Tatum were at the airport to pick me up when I got there and I was so glad to see them both. My 3 weeks of training FLEW by. On Friday, when I was getting ready to leave, I couldn't believe that I had really made it through three weeks of training. I made such great friends and it was kind of hard to leave them! However, we will all be together again at the end of June in Orlando for Phase II of training. And then in September I think we are going to Miami for a POA (Plan of Action = quarterly) meeting for the company.

When I got home last night, Antonio suprised me with a Nintendo Wii!! I asked for one for my birthday, but when I came home last weekend (on my birthday) I didn't get a present other than flowers because Antonio hadn't had time to go shopping. Well, the truth was he couldn't find anywhere that had one in stock, but Wednesday he finally found a store and went and got it. Anyway, we played it last night after Tatum went to bed and had so much fun! This morning I actually woke up a little sore from playing last night. Maybe I will have to play every night to burn some extra calories!

Today, Antonio, Tatum, and I got ready and went to Target and to lunch. It was good to do nothing really except spend time with the family. Tatum is growing so fast and I should have done a blog yesterday, but here it is a day late....


Yesterday, Tatum had her 6 month birthday! WOW! 6 MONTHS?!?!? Where has the time gone? She is currently mastering sitting up and she has control of her little hands. She wants EVERYTHING in her mouth, but that is just part of it. She "talks" all the time and giggles when Antonio or I start acting crazy. She is rolling all over the place too. It is always so much fun to be able to get her out of her bed in the mornings because you never know what position she will be in or what end of the bed she will be at. Antonio said that one morning he went to get her up and she was holding on to the side of her bed trying to pull up on it. I think we are going to have to lower her bed some pretty soon. She is not crawling yet, but she has figured out how to roll and get closer to whatever she wants.

Tatum has not had her 6 month check up yet at the dr's office, but when she goes, I will post an update on her weight and length. Also, I don't have any new pics to post right now, but I will get some new ones up soon.


MOM said...

I wish I had a husband that spoiled me! You did good when you found Antonio. Of course, I think he did pretty well when he found you too. Glad you are home.

Amanda said...

6 Months!!! I remember that we were due one day apart. It's hard to believe that my first baby would've been 6 months now! But, Jax and I get to watch Tatum and prepare ourselves for the next phases. I can't wait to see what life is like when the crawling begins.

Kimberly said...

Glad you are home! I can't wait to hear about how your first week out in the field is going!

rghopkns said...

Wow, 6 months already? The time really does go by so quickly. Hope you all are doing well.