Thursday, May 03, 2007

Tatum is 6 MONTHS!!!

Well, here are some pictures of Tatum. The first one is of Tatum in her bubble bath. She LOVES her little duck.

Tatum also LOVES to just lay in the water and kick around(as you can see below.)

Tatum has also started what I call PRE-CRAWLING. She is going backwards right now, but from what I understand, this is what babies do before they start going forwards. I guess we will see...

We also got some Gerber "Bitter Biscuits" at Target on Saturday and Tatum loves them. We haven't found a single food that Tatum DOESN'T like this far! She takes after her Daddy on that one.

These next pictures are from when I went in to Tatum's room to get her up the other morning. There is a little stain on her sheets to the left of her. This was the night she had the Bitter Biscuit before bed and that is a stain from where she started and drooled a little bit. As you may have guessed, she is all over the bed these days. We put her down on one end of the bed and she wakes up at the other end. We get a kick out of guessing what position we will find her in. I am not really sure what she was doing with the blanket, but I thought it was worth a picture.

I attempted to upload two videos tonight on here. This first one is from tonight. I found this other Gerber toast thing at the grocery store tonight and got them for Tatum. As you can see, she loved it. Listen closely and you can hear her two bottom teeth grinding on the toast thing.

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This second video is of Tatum being silly. She has become a huge WIGGLE WORM these days. She is also talking so much. Enjoy the video! I sure hope these work!

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Kimberly said...

I love the videos~she has gotten so big since I last saw her so it makes me feel a little closer! She sure is cute!!!!

rghopkns said...

Oh how I miss those sweet little squeals!

She is absolutely adorable, April.