Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Mother's Day and MORE...

First, let me say HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the mothers out there! A special happy mother's day to Ashley F. and Nicky who both had babies born this past Friday. CONGRATS! And another special happy mother's day to all of the mommies who were not mommies last year (Kimberly, Courtney, Alesa, Amanda, ....). We have now offically all joined the ranks of special ladies that get to celebrate this special day for the rest of our lives!

This past Sunday, Mother's Day, Antonio and I decided to get Tatum dedicated at our church. It was a special day for us and we pray that we will raise Tatum in the way that God would have us to. Here are some pictures...

This first picture is Antonio, me, Tatum, and Pastor Craig. Pastor Craig has been our pastor for about 5 years now. He knew us from the time we started dating. (He actually knew Antonio growing up.) Pastor Craig married us and did the dedication Sunday. He is very special to us and we are proud that he has been such an important person in our lives! (On a side note, we just started a new church and the church meets in a theater, so that would be the explanation for the movie posters in the background.)

The next few pictures are from the actual dedication. Unfortunately, the settings on my camera got changed, so these pictures did not turn out well at all. I will try to post some better pictures later because my sister said she took some.

We were lucky enough to have my grandmother (Tatum's great-grandmother, Gran), my mother, my father, Antonio's mom, and Antonio's dad all there to see and participate in the dedication.

Tatum was very well behaved during the whole thing. She didn't smile, but that was okay because she didn't cry either.
Below is a picture of my mother with Tatum.

Here is Antonio, Tatum, and me.
Below is FOUR generations!
Another set of FOUR generations.(my mom, Mckayla, Laurie, Mya, and my grandmother)
After church, we all went to eat at Rafferty's. Below is my mom, dad, Tatum, and Mya.(Tatum and Mya are 6 weeks apart)
Mya decided to try to take Tatum out of the picture when "no one" was looking...
Of course, Tatum wasn't having any of that, so she went for Mya's ear....
Tatum and Mya finally realized that they weren't doing well at hiding anything, so they stopped.
On to some other random pictures....
As I have posted before (I think), Tatum has been getting pretty crazy in her bed. We are always amused at the positions we find her in when we check on her or when she wakes up. Below are two new pictures.
We liked this first one because the pink bear she is hugging was put at the opposite end to where we layed her down, but when we went in to check on her, this is how she fell asleep.
A few days later, we found her like this....she had somehow managed to pull down her mobile that was dangling above her. How she did it, we still can't figure out because it is too high for her to reach (or so we thought).
Ever seen a baby pass out from drinking a bottle? Well after the next few pictures, you can say yes....

She was only out for about 2 minutes, but this is how we found her after her bottle.
FINALLY, below are two new videos. THis first one is of Tatum. The video is kind of long, but if you have time to watch it all, you will see how smart Tatum is. You will also see Tatum practicing her swimming on the blanket.

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And this last one is what Antonio looks like when he plays the Nintendo Wii! I think it is funnier to just watch him(or any body) play this thing!

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Amanda said...

Tatum's dress is so pretty. I love the swimming video. She'll have to come practice (for real) in our pool with Jax!