Thursday, April 05, 2007

Adalie and Tatum, BFF???

Adalie is Kimberly H.'s little girl. (T0 read her blog, look for her name to the right of my blogpage.) Kimberly posted yesterday that Adalie has 2 teeth now, Whitey and Pearly. Kimberly tried to capture a picture of them for the blog, but had no luck.

So, after reading that I decided to try to get a picture of Tatum's new tooth. I have only seen this tooth like one time myself because everytime I try to catch a peak, she sticks her tongue out or squirms and begins to cry. Well, I started playing with Tatum and when she laughs she opens her mouth really big. She did that and I got to look at that little tooth and after looking closely, I think I can see another tooth about to come in. Her gums are really white and I think that means it is right under there.

Anyway, I am beginning to think that somehow Adalie and Tatum are either talking behind our backs to see how each is progressing, or Tatum is sneaking on the computer late at night to read Mrs. Kimberly's blogs about Adalie. Either way, I know Tatum loves to see pictures of her friends because I always show Tatum pictures of Adalie, Jax, Brady P., Maddie, Kaden, Addyson, Parker, etc (These children have mommies that blog! I highly recommend that EVERYONE start a blog page.) and she just smiles.

Also, I found out last night that I will not have a roommate when I go to training in New Orleans, SO I am trying to talk Antonio into coming down the first weekend and bringing Tatum down so I can see them both and MAYBE we can see Kimberly, Adam, and Adalie too! I will keep you all posted.

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Kimberly said...

I heart this blog!!
Adalie & Tatum are bffs just like their mommies!
Tatum really is advanced because she is on a 7 months olds level!!:)
I soooo hope we can all get together while you are down here! IT would be SO fun!! I got lots in mind!