Sunday, April 15, 2007

Training Day # ?

Well, I have officially completed my first week of training. It has been fun, exciting, enlightening, challenging, frustrating, stressful, interesting, etc.

I have met some many great people and I my team of 5 from my district has gotten so close. I was worried that coming to training and not really knowing anyone would be intimidating, and it was, but only for a few hours. Everyone is so nice and helpful. We are all in the same boat and just really want to make friends. There is a group of us that have gone out together about 3 times this week and it is so much fun. Most of the people have never been to New Orleans or Bourbon Street, so it is great to see their reaction to things. I really wish I had my camera to take pics, but I left it at home so Antonio could send me pictures of Tatum. Anyway, we have seen the people that paint their entire bodies and stand on the milk cartons and stay still and look like statutes. We also saw a group of about 8-10 kids around the ages of 15-17 that were playing their tubas, trumpets, etc on the street. They were really great. We also saw the people on the street tap dancing and a few other people just doing tricks in the middle of the street. I am really falling in love with the culture down here. While most people love to go to the well known local restaurants down here, I love the "hole in the wall" restaurants that are almost hidden.

Classes seem long and are a major overload of information. About 80% of the people here have had previous pharma experience, so that means that my learning curve has to be even greater just to keep up. I have had 2 tests so far and i am proud to say that I still have a job. Studying is hard because it is hard to know what is NICE to know vs. what I NEED to know.

I am missing Tatum so much and I won't get to see her until next weekend! One of my new friends down here was lucky enough to have her husband and baby fly in for this weekend. I saw them in the lobby last night and I talked to them for a while. Her 8 month old little girl was just precious. When I walked away, I really thought I was going to cry for a minute, but I sucked it up and reminded myself that she is in great hands and I will see her soon!

I am in amazement about how everyone has shared pictures of their wives, husbands, fiances, kids, dogs, etc. which is great. There is one particular guy in my class that has a 3 week old and 4 yr old at home. He is just the sweetest husband and dad. He was sitting in class the other day and decided to send his wife something and he also send his little girl(the 4 yr old) a teddy bear. He talks about them all the time. Then there is another guy in my group that is a single dad. He has showed us the picture of his kids I think everyday. I will catch him from time to time pulling out the pictures to just look at them. And of course, there are several of us ladies that are just so quick to pull out our pictures too. I have a picture of Tatum and Antonio on the front of my binder so I can look at it all day.

I am not going to lie, training has been difficult, but I just have to remember that God has a plan for me and He is not going to put me in a position that I can't handle. I just need to stay focused and take it one day at a time. Thanks to everyone that has been praying for my family and please continue to do so.

6 days down and 12 more days to go....


Kimberly said...

Okay I'm finally back home!! You are so close to me-we have to get together asap! It sounds like u are having as much fun as possible away from home at atraining! I love that you appreciate new orleans so much! And eat up on that expense account!! I'm so proud of you and know you are the super star of your group, i'm sure! call me anytime and I'll run over to give u a cheer to hang in there!

rghopkns said...

You're in my thoughts, April! Good luck on the remainder of your training. Hopefully it will fly by!

Courtney C. said...

I am so proud of you! You are doing an awesome job right now!! You are being so strong. I'm not sure I could do it. Maddie and I are praying for you and can't wait for you to get home so we can all go out for lunch or dinner. Or maybe even another photo shoot!! Take care!! We love you!!!