Sunday, April 08, 2007

Weekend Update...

Well, due to the fact that I will be out of town for SO LONG, I am going to put lots of pictures up tonight for two reasons....1.) hopefully you all will get a picture fix of Tatum that will tie you over until I return, and 2.) so I will have lots of recent pictures to look at while I am down in New Orleans in my room all alone and missing my baby! So, let me try to tell what these pictures area all about...

These first pictures are of Tatum and her Daddy having fun on the couch last weekend when it was warm outside and she could wear her cute shorts.

We are not really sure why, but Tatum LOVES to be upside down. It is so funny, she will just throw herself backwards, so whoever is holding her better be paying attention!

Next are some pictures of Tatum in the bathtub with her new bathtub chair. I got it at the consignment sale this weekend for $1!!!! Great deal, she loves it!

The next pictures are more random ones of Tatum and Daddy.

The next picture is a picture of the new Leap Frog table I got at the consignment sale this weekend. Look.....Tatum is standing ALL BY HERSELF!! She LOVES this table too and it was a great buy! She stood alone for at least 3-5 minutes(holding on to the Leap Frog table of course)!

Against everyone's advice, we finally gave in and trimmed Tatum's hair this weekend. It was getting a little too crazy and the mullet look is just not welcome in our house. We trimmed the sides and the back. Look how much we cut off! It looks so much better now. This is the second time we have had to cut her hair, but the last time we just cut the back a little.

These next pictures are from Easter morning. They are a little backwards, but some are with her Easter basket (bucket) and some are after she got her toys out and she was loving on one of her toys.

The bucket on the left is from Antonio and me and the rabbitt on the right is from Grandmommy and Grandaddy (my parents). Laurie, Cyp, Mckayla, and Mya gave Tatum a big toy that goes outside when it gets warmer. We will get a picture of it when we play with it!
Well, this will be the last blog with any pictures for a while since I will be out of town. I am sure I will blog some to keep everyone updated on how training is going though. I know I will be reading at the very least. Take care everyone and I will be back soon! Call Antonio if you guys are thinking of him to check up on him and make sure everything is going well.

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Milton, Alesa and Addyson said...

Good luck with training!! We will be thinking about you!!