Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Training Post

New Orleans Training Day 1 (April 9th)

Let me start by explaining that I am blogging in Microsoft Word in my hotel room and when we go to meetings I am planning to copy and paste it so that I can post quickly before meetings start and I don’t have to pay $12 per day to have internet access in my room.

That being said, I will try to write a few times a week and post when I get time. So let me begin with my departure from Memphis.

I got up early and got ready and took Tatum to daycare. She, of course, had no clue I was leaving, so it was easy for her, but I hung around a little longer than usual to say my goodbyes and give her LOTS of kisses. I left and felt okay, not great, but okay. Then I ran some errands and headed home. Antonio took me to the airport and he went in with me to help me get my bags in and I checked in. After all of that was done, he hung out for a bit before he had to leave. Once again, I was fine. I headed to security and experienced a little ordeal. This guy, an airport employee, was going through security and flashed his badge really quickly and kept walking. Well this big black lady doing security said, “HOLD UP SIR!” She wanted to look at his badge again and then she said it didn’t have an expiration date on it and everything was scratched out so she called her manager over to take a look at it. Well this guy got SO MAD at this lady for DOING HER JOB! I am sure it was a little bit inconvenient for him to wait, but my goodness, he should have been glad she was actually sticking to the policies of the airport! Anyway, after waiting on that to get over, I made it through security and I headed to my gate to wait for my flight. After a few minutes, one of my teammates came in and I went with him to get some food. While we were getting food, we noticed another guy that had all of his study material out. We approached him and ended up hanging with him for the trip to New Orleans. It was good getting to know two other NN employees before getting down here.

My only sad moment was on my flight from Atlanta to New Orleans. I sat by the window and this lady and man sat beside me. About 10 minutes into the flight this lady opens her book to the front and there is the most precious picture of her 3 boys. That was no big deal. She smiled and showed her husband. He then reaches down into a bag and gets two envelopes out. She opens the first one and it was a letter from her two youngest sons telling her how much they loved her and how great of a mom she was. They also put a necklace in the envelope for her to wear and think about them while she was gone. The second envelope was from her oldest son with another letter and a ring. It made me think about Tatum.

When I got to the airport in New Orleans, my dad was there to pick me up. We went to eat at Houston’s and then he showed me some of the damage from Hurricane Katrina. I was amazed by all of the houses that are still destroyed and empty after so long. After a mini tour, my dad took me to the hotel and dropped me off. I went in and checked in with the hotel and then with NN. They gave me a cute fleece pullover along with some other cool NN things. I came up to my room and unpacked everything. After unpacking, I went ahead and pressed all of my clothes that were wrinkled. I know, I know, what a good girl!

Well, I am a little overwhelmed by all of the people that are all going through training with me. I know everyone is going through the same thing, but EVERYONE I have met has previous pharma experience and it is a little (a LOT) intimidating!! Oh well, I will be ready for them all tomorrow, but for tonight I am going to get a good night’s sleep.

PLEASE keep me in your prayers! I know I can do this and be great, but I am already missing Tatum and Antonio so much.

Also, pray for Antonio that he will do great with Tatum. He is such a great Daddy and Tatum is such a Daddy’s girl, but I can only imagine that it might be a little hard on him without having me there to help.

Until next time….

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